Vlieseline H609 Fusible Knit, Bi-Elastic Interfacing

Vlieseline H609 White Fusible Knit interlining
Vlieseline H609 Black Fusible Knit interlining

Vlieseline H609 Fusible Knit, Bi-Elastic Interfacing

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Vlieseline H609 Fusible Knit, Bi-Elastic Interfacing

Type: Fusible, knit, very soft and extremely elastic both in warp and weft direction.
Fabric width: 75 cm
Fabric weight: 44 gsm
Application: Iron-on interfacing, with warm iron. Ensure to leave fabrics to cool, after application so that the adhesive can set properly.
Weight: Light-weight.
Product Benefits: the special construction of this fine Polyamide yarn provides a very soft and elegant hand feel. Due to its extreme elasticity in warp and weft direction, it is an ideal interlining for fusing large and small parts of garments. The product's excellent adhesive coating allows easy application with a warm iron and long-lasting adhesion, even after many wash cycles.
Suitable for: Fusing small parts and front parts of clothing made of high-quality and highly elastic outer fabrics such as jersey. Suitable for light- to medium-weight elastic fabrics.
Fabric Care: Wash at 40 degrees, also able to dry clean (providing your main fabric is dry cleanable).
Colours Available: Choose from H609 White and H609 Black.
Sold by: Half metre, metre and a full roll of 25 metres.

Why Choose Vlieseline Interfacing?

Previously known as Vilene, Vlieseline has become globally renown as the professional's choice for interfacing and wadding products.

With over 60 years experience in the fabric industry, Vlieseline has built an exceptional reputation for its breadth of high quality interfacing products. The extent and variety of Vlieseline's interfacing collection ensures to provide an interfacing solution for all projects and sewing abilities, whether you are a sewing enthusiast, a professional dressmaker or running a fashion or craft studio.

Our Vlieseline fusible knit, bi-elastic interfacing fabric is a fantastic quality iron-on interfacing, available in H609 black and H6909 white colour ways.

As a light-weight interfacing, this is a great, simple to use iron-on backing for many of our fabrics and will suit a whole range of projects requiring an interfacing solution. A light-weight, bi-elastic fusible interfacing can be ideal for small parts of garments.

Why Choose Fusible Interfacing?

Being simple and quick to apply makes Vlieseline fusible iron-on interfacing very easy to use, compared to non-fusible, sew-in interfacing. Fusible interfacing is ideal for most uses and with a selection of weights and special properties to choose from, there will be a perfect interfacing option for your project. Fusible interfacing works with most fabrics, except on those that do not respond well to heat or are loosely woven where the glue can seep through. Check the pattern guidelines for your project, to find the recommended interfacing to use.

To apply Vlieseline fusible interfacing, simply use an iron on low heat to help the adhesive side of the interfacing permanently bond to the back of your main fabric in seconds. This simple and quick application makes Vlieseline fusible iron-on interfacing very user friendly, compared to sew-in interfacing. Always allow the fabrics to fully cool before proceeding to work on your project, to ensure the fabric and interfacing is permanently bonded and there will be no creases.

What Weight Interfacing Should Be Used?

General guidelines recommend that you use an interfacing weight that is the same weight, or slightly lighter, as the fabric you will be using. The manufacturer suggests to test a small piece of interfacing on your fabric, before applying to the rest of your project.

New To Working With Interfacing?

Take a look at our "Beginner's Guide to Working With Interfacing" blog post to help you get started. We cover everything from the different types of interfacing to  selecting the right interfacing for your project.

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