Vlieseline G770 Fusible Bi-Elastic Medium-Weight Woven Interfacing

G770 Vlieseline white bi-elastic medium weight woven interfacing

Vlieseline G770 Fusible Bi-Elastic Medium-Weight Woven Interfacing

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Vlieseline G770 Fusible Bi-Elastic Medium-Weight Woven Interfacing

Type: Fusible, Woven, Soft bi-elastic PES interlining.
Fabric width: 90 cm
Fabric weight: 73 gsm
Application: Iron-on interfacing, with warm iron. Allow fabrics to cool after application, before proceeding with the project.
Weight: Medium-weight.
Product Benefits: OEKO-TEX 100, Class II. Soft, bi-elastic PES interlining. Balanced combination of softness, volume and resilience. Very good adhesion after iron-on application.
Suitable for: Small garment and accessory parts such as skirt & trouser waistbands, as well as front parts of jackets, blazers and coats. Ideal for medium to heavy-weight fabrics and sensitive materials.
Fabric Care: Wash at 40 degrees, also suitable to dry clean. Always check your main fabric's care instructions before washing.
Colours Available: Choose from G770 White and G770 Black.
Sold by: Half metre, metre and a full roll of 25 metres.

Why Choose Vlieseline Interfacing?

Previously known as Vilene, Vlieseline is recognised as the leading choice for interfacing and wadding product.

For over the past 60 years, Vlieseline has become acknowledged worldwide as the brand for high quality interlining products. Whether you are new to sewing and craft-making, a professional tailor or design studio, Vlieseline interfacing will suit all abilities and every type of project.

Our Vlieseline bi-elastic fusible interfacing material is a great quality iron-on interfacing, available in both G770 White and G770 Black colour ways. As a soft, resilient medium-weight interfacing, it is an ideal, iron-on backing for many of our fabrics. 

Why Choose Fusible Interfacing?

The simple iron-on application makes Vlieseline fusible iron-on interfacing very easy to use, compared to sew-in interfacing and ideal for both beginner and professional makers. Fusible interfacing is suitable for most fabrics and will ensure to achieve your desired result. It is suitable for most fabrics, except on those that do not react well to heat or with a loose weave where glue can seep through. Vlieseline fusible interfacing is incredibly easy to apply, by simply using an iron on a warm heat to permanently bond the adhesive side of the interfacing to the back of your chosen fabric in seconds. Always allow the fabrics to cool before continuing with your project.

What Weight Interfacing Should Be Used?

As a guide, you should choose an interfacing weight that is the same weight as the fabric you will be using, or slightly lighter. The manufacturer suggests to test a small piece of interfacing on your fabric, before applying to the rest of your project.

New To Working With Interfacing?

Check out our "Beginner's Guide to Working With Interfacing" blog post to help you get started. We cover everything from the different types of interfacing to how to choose the right interfacing for your project.

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