Trimits 15mm Macramé Round Wooden Beads

15mm macramé wooden round beads with centre hole.  Pack of 12.

Trimits 15mm Macramé Round Wooden Beads

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Trimits 15mm Macramé Round Wooden Beads

  • 15mm wooden macramé beads in a pack of 12.
  • Made from premium beech wood, with smooth finish.
  • Part of our range of macramé beads – including different sizes, colours and shapes.
  • Ideal for macramé, as well as crochet and other crafts.

Trimits 15mm macramé beads are a great addition to your macramé kit. They can be used in all kinds of macramé crafts & projects, from wall hangings, decorations & planters to bracelets & key fobs. Part of our full range of macramé products, these macramé beads can also be used for crochet and other types of craft. 

Looking for alternative macramé beads? Browse our full macramé range to see our complete collection of beads in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Macramé?

Macramé is a handmade craft using creative knotting techniques to tie specialist macramé cord & create decorative textiles. Macramé is a very accessible craft, thanks to a plethora of online tutorials and blogs, providing step-by-step instructions and creative inspiration. Helped by a renewed interest in crafting, as well as the home decor boho trend, macramé is as popular now as it's ever been! Find out more in our 'beginner's guide to macramé' blog post.

Is Macramé Easy To Learn?

Yes it is! Macramé is a great craft for beginners as you can learn at your own pace and tackle projects that are suited to your crafting know how & experience. Macramé is also a very affordable craft to start – you just need some suitable macramé cord for your project, along with some simple tools that you may already have in your crafting kit. There's a wealth of great blogs & tutorials available online to follow – find out more in our blog post a 'beginner's guide to macramé'.

What Do I Need To Do Macramé?

Your most important item will be the correct cord for your project. As a rule of thumb, slimmer cords suit smaller & delicate projects and you should choose wider cords for larger scale pieces. Here's a quick summary to guide you –

  • Small scale projects such as jewellery, coasters, Christmas tree decorations and purses usually suit a 1.5 – 3mm cord.
  • Medium size projects such as planters, small wall hangings and shopping bags work well with 3 – 5mm cord.
  • Large scale pieces like bigger wall hangings and backdrops are more suited to 4 – 6mm cord widths.

Along with your cord, we can help you with your other macramé supplies. We recommend securing your project to a macramé board with T pins, as you work to keep your piece steady and tidy. A good pair of sharp scissors to neatly snip your cord and a tape measure to measure your cord will also be essential. Otherwise, browse our macramé range for all our macramé accessories, such as macramé beads, rings & dowels. We also stock a fantastic 39 piece macramé accessories kit, which includes a great selection of rings, beads and dowels for you to try on your macramé pieces. 

What Can I Make With Macramé?

The world of macramé craft is your oyster! Whether you're looking to try a quick & simple project or tackle something a little larger and more elaborate, there's a whole host of macramé projects you can make. For beginners, projects such as planters, coasters and decorations are a great way to start by practising some key knotting techniques and easing yourself into shorter projects. For experienced crafters, more elaborate pieces such as wall hangings, cushion covers & bags can be fun projects to allow your creative juices to flow, by incorporating different knots and accessories such as these 15mm macramé beads. For more ideas, take a look at our blog post ' a beginner's guide to macramé'.

Whatever you're making, we are always inspired to see our customers' crafts so feel free to share with us on our Instagram page.

When Will I Receive My Order Of 15mm Macramé Beads?

Our team will endeavour to despatch your order on the same day. We will ship your order via Royal Mail 24 to ensure a speedy and secure service. Have a query about these 15mm macramé beads? Or anything else? We'll be happy to help! You can ask a question below, call our landline or chat to us via our live chat service on the website.

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