Dylon Colour Catcher - Pack of 12 / 24 / XXL

12 sheet Dylon Colour Catcher complete action prevents accidents, greying and allows mixed washes and protects brightness.

Dylon Colour Catcher - Pack of 12 / 24 / XXL

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Even if not seen by eye, traces of dye might deposit every wash and build up a layer of mixed colours on the garment over time, making your coloured garments dull. The sheets trap dyes from the water before they deposit on the garments, it helps to keep your colours brighter for longer.

Prevents colour run accidents.

Allows mixed washes.

Effective at all temperatures.

Prevents residual dirt redepositing.

Available in pack;
12 sheet.
24 sheet.
XXL-sheet (15 sheets) for big wash loads 6-10kg.

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