Dylon Colour Catcher - Pack of 12 / 24 / XXL

Dylon Colour Catcher - pack of 12, pack of 24, XXL sheets
Dylon Colour Catcher - pack of 12 sheets
Dylon Colour Catcher - pack of 24 sheets
Dylon Colour Catcher - XXL sheets for 6-10 kg washes

Dylon Colour Catcher - Pack of 12 / 24 / XXL

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Dylon Colour Catcher Sheets - Pack of 12/24/XXL 15

  • Prevents colour run accidents.
  • Allows mixed washes.
  • Effective at all temperatures.
  • Prevents residual dirt redepositing.
  • Available in packs of 12 sheets, 24 sheets or 15 XXL sheets for big wash loads 6-10kg.

Dylon colour catcher sheets are a product added to your normal wash to prevent colour runs and allow you to mix coloured laundry items safely. The sheets work by trapping the dyes directly from the water before they contaminate other laundry items, they also work by keeping your clothes bright and clean. Some dyes may not be visibly staining clothes, the colour catcher sheets will prevent dulling of white and bright fabrics before they start to show wear.

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Frequently asked questions

What do colour catcher sheets do?

These sheets are used in a washing cycle to;

  • Prevent colour running - If you accidentally mix a dark item with a white item in your wash, it can ruin the colour. Using colour catcher sheets stops this from happening.
  • Mix colours of clothing and laundry items - Using colour catcher sheets allow you to wash whites, colours and darks all together. The dye particles are caught by the sheet before they are absorbed by other laundry items. 
  • Keeps clothes bright and prevents dulling of fabric - By using these sheets you are trapping dyes and dirt that may ruin the colour of clothes in the future. This will allow you to keep items of clothing for longer.

How do I use Dylon colour catcher sheets?

Colour catcher sheets are easy and simple to use. Simply add your put your sheet into the drum and add your laundry. Wash your laundry as usual and then remove both the sheets and laundry when the cycle ends. Detailed instructions and precautions are included with the product.

Do I need to use colour catcher sheets in every wash?

You can use colour catcher sheets as often as you like. If you want to continue mixing colours without creating colour runs you will have to use them with every wash. 

Dylon colour catcher sheets are good for the environment and save energy, time and water by combining laundry items, meaning fewer washing cycles are needed.

Do you sell any other laundry treatments and cleaners?

Yes, we do! Visit our fabric dyes and laundry items collection page to discover a whole variety of Dylon treatments and dyes.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We aim to dispatch every order within 24 hours of it being placed. First-class delivery is used on every order, however, if you require a speedier delivery you can select an express shipping option at the checkout page. This will mean your order is dispatched on the day you place it (if made before 4 pm) and you should receive it within 24 hours. If you need to ask any more questions, please contact us via live chat or by phone.

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Dylon Colour Catcher - Pack of 12 / 24 / XXL
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