Jute Wrapped Wire Wreath Base - 19cm or 25cm

Jute Wrapped Wire Wreath Base - 19cm or 25cm
Jute Wrapped Wire Wreath Base - 19cm or 25cm
Jute Wrapped Wire Wreath Base - 19cm or 25cm

Jute Wrapped Wire Wreath Base - 19cm or 25cm

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Jute Wrapped Wire Wreath Base

  • Available in 2 sizes – 19cm or 25cm
  • Rustic style jute material wrapped around wire wreath base.
  • Perfect for macramé projects, as well as wreath making projects, wedding & event decoration.
  • Part of our full range of macramé supplies – including macramé cords, beads, rings and boards.

This jute wrapped wire wreath base is a perfect tool to complement your macramé and craft projects. Wrapped in a classic, neutral jute material this wreath base can be used for wreath making, macramé dream catchers and wall hangings, as well as bespoke wedding and event decor. Available in 2 sizes to fit your project requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Can I Make With This Wire Wreath Base?

This jute wrapped wire wreath base is ideal for wreath making as well as all kinds of macramé projects. Wreath making has become a hugely popular year-round craft, thanks to a wealth of online inspiration for seasonal and event based wreath ideas. Whether you're making a wreath for your Christmas door, or something a little different such as a fabric wreath as a piece of wall art – this wire wreath base will be ideal for your next project. Check out our guide to making your own fabric wreath here!

This wreath base will also be perfect for all kinds of macramé crafts, such as dreamcatchers, wall hangings, macramé art and baby mobiles. Looking to find out more about macramé and ideas you can make? We have another blog post to help! Our 'Beginner's Guide to Macramé' covers everything from the history of this beautiful craft to how to get started with your own macramé project.

What Is Macramé?

Macramé is a craft created by using specialist knotting techniques. There are a whole range of knotting techniques to try out – from simple, classic knots like a square knot to more ornate styles. Macramé uses specialist cords & yarns that are ideal for this type of work, providing a smooth finish and ensuring a strong hold. You can also incorporate accessories, like this wire wreath base as well as macramé beads, dowel and macramé rings to add embellishment or structure to your piece. Our starter's macramé kit is a great product to use if you're new to macramé, providing you with a selection of key macramé accessories.

What Do I Need To Start Macramé?

Macramé is a great craft for beginners to learn, needing just a few affordable essentials to get started with. Once you've decided on your first macramé project, the most important purchase will be the correct size cord for the job! Our blog post 'beginner's guide to macramé' explains how to select the right cord for your project needs. Our macramé & haberdashery range includes all the essential tools for your craft – from specialist macramé boards to T pins and tape measures.

When Will I Receive My Wire Wreath Base?

Our team will work hard to despatch your wreath base within 24 hours. We will send your order by 1st class delivery to ensure a prompt and secure service. Have a question about your order? We'll be happy to help! You can contact by telephone on the number below or via our live chat service on the website. 

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