What is Bias Binding and How Can I Use it?

What Is Bias Binding?

Our bias binding is made with 100% cotton and is available in 16mm or 25mm rolls in an extensive array of lovely colours! But what is Bias binding tape? You may know it by its ribbon-like appearance rather than by its name, but this handy haberdashery material is ideal for trims, piping, hems, armholes, neck holes and bedding etc. because of its multi-purpose, stretchy binding. Generally, the tape is narrow strip of coloured fabric that is cut on the bias, rather than the grain - which makes it more flexible, particularly for curved edges.

Bias binding tape is great for finishing off any of your fabric projects neatly, or can be used to add a pop of colour/print or decor to your textiles such as on the edge of a tea towel or skirt. There are hundreds of online tutorials showing you how to effectively work bias binding tape onto your garments - where you can learn how to attach the tape, connect it to the fabrics, stitch it and finish it. It’s easier than you might think too!

How Can I Use It?

  • Hem your clothing

  • You can use bias binding to hem around the bottom, the armholes or the neck hole on t-shirts, tops and skirts to tidy up their hemlines. As mentioned before, because of their flexible nature, the fabric can be stretched around curving edges and neatly stitched into place. If you’re keeping it minimal, opt for a bias binding colour that matches your original fabric - if you fancy adding a quirky touch then pick a contrasting colour to hem your apparel in. It works particularly well with jersey - imagine one of those lovely ladies’ cross-over tops, hemmed in bias binding to pull it all together, a smart and stylish look that you can create from home with your sewing machine!

    1. Create decorative accents

    Use alternative shades of bias binding tape to create accents of colour across your work. Whether it’s around the edge of a pillow or around the pocket on a t-shirt, use the natural linear structure of the binding to define edges. A popular way to dress up your children’s clothing is to use several strips of vibrant bias binding to create pretty stripes around the bottom half of a skirt, or around the legs of jeans.

    1. Edge your soft furnishings

    Think about your bedding, your blankets, cushions, curtains and towels - you could easily jazz them up with some bias binding around the edges. You can even create patterns with the binding - it’s not just about cleaning up a messy hem.

    What Colours Are Available From Hot Pink Haberdashery?

    We have a brilliant selection of beautiful colours for you to indulge your crafts in! Take a look at the following, machine washable binding tapes, available in full rolls or 10m lengths:

    • Apple Green
    • Baby Pink
    • Beige
    • Butcher Blue
    • Bright Pink
    • Black
    • Cerise
    • Champagne
    • Caramel
    • Cherry
    • Citrus Orange
    • Flo White
    • Dove Grey
    • French Navy
    • Ivory
    • Kingfisher
    • Light Gold
    • Leaf Green
    • Lemon Yellow
    • Lavender
    • Mid Brown
    • Mint
    • Natural White

    and many many more!

    It’s a great tool if you’re into textile projects and hate those pesky unfinished hems - so shop our range of amazingly bright bias binding tapes and get haberdashery happy!

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