10 Different Uses For Patchwork Squares


Our Charm Packs - How It All Began..

Our unique collection of charm packs is at the core of Hot Pink Haberdashery -this is where it all began for our business. Inspired by the fabrics at the local market, our co-founder Helen put together a selection of fabrics to produce the perfect quilt. Today, Helen continues to curate our charm packs, using our expanding range of fabrics to create a growing selection of pretty patchwork squares. Each pack features a carefully selected range of colours, prints and patterns, that are machine cut in-house to ensure absolute accuracy. Our charm packs are our original and most popular product, and continue to delight our customers. 

Our patchwork squares are of course ideal for quilting and any patchwork project, from cushion covers to baby blankets. However, our customers also buy our charm packs for other uses, such as dolls clothes, shabby chic bunting, pretty lid covers for jam & pickle jars… the list goes on. To celebrate these versatile little packs, we have put together our 10 Different Uses for Patchwork Squares. These projects are great to make for gifts, as well as being handy to use any leftover fabric from your charm packs. By working with our charm packs, you can use a combination of different fabrics on each project - ideal if you're looking for a shabby chic look! Our squares are also very cost effective as you’re just using the right amount of fabric you need for these perfect, mini projects! Check out our colourful selection of premium quilting threads to go with your design.

1 - Mobile Phone Crossbody Bag

A handy mini crossbody bag, designed to fit your mobile phone, with additional pockets for credit cards, notes and any small valuables - this bag is perfect for busy people on-the-go! This is a great project for sewing enthusiasts to learn the basics of bag making - such as working with woven interfacing.

The mini crossbody bag features a main pocket for your phone and other essentials, with smaller front and back pockets. The flap cover folds over the front of the bag and fastens securely with a magnetic button. Using our charm pack fabrics, you’ll be able to create contrasting prints and patterns across each outer section & lining parts of the bag, making this a truly colourful daily accessory. The long detachable strap can be swapped for a wristlet strap, depending on what works for you.

2 - DIY Lanyard Wallet

Another very useful mini accessory, this small wallet is designed to hold your work ID card, with an additional, secure pocket for business cards, notes and coins. Made to accommodate multiple cards, the nifty, little wallet has a zipped pocket with an open framed pocket on one side to slip your work ID card inside whilst keeping it visible in the office. The lanyard strap is created from narrow lengths of your chosen fabrics, sewn together to make a colourful, eclectic strap that will sit comfortably around your neck. Use either D rings or swivel clips to attach your lanyard to your DIY wallet and you can keep your work essentials with you at all times!

3 - Tissue Cozy

A quick and easy project that would make a lovely gift and ideal for beginner makers too. This tissue cozy holds a small pack of tissues and is the perfect size to pop into your bag. The combination of our charm pack fabrics will ensure it looks very pretty on a desk or bedside table. Making the tissue cozy requires just 4 wide rectangles of fabric, using two for the base, with the remaining two folded length ways to create the top with an opening running the length of the cozy. The fabrics are sewn together then turned inside out to hide the seam. Add a little pack of tissues and your tissue cozy is on hand and ready to go! It couldn't be easier!

Charm Packs Top 10 different uses for fabric squares

4 - Fabric Flowers

Fabric flowers are a perennial fashion favorite - from Carrie Bradshaw’s flower brooches to hair accessories, keyrings and even garlands, these pretty accessories are never going out of fashion! Whatsmore, the combination of our lovely patchwork squares will ensure your fabric flower design looks super chic! 

Fabric flowers are very striking but surprisingly easy to make. Simply cut six to eight flower shapes - imagine a circle with scalloped edges. Next take one flower shape, dot the centre with glue and squeeze two sides together diagonally. This creates the loose fold you need. Continue with the rest of the petals, then starting with one central petal, slowly attach the others together at the base and finish by gluing to a felt circle base. The finished fabric flower should have rippling pretty petals. A fabric flower is a stunning accessory you’ll want to wear, as well as a great gift idea!

5 - Monogram Pouch

A monogram pouch is a lovely personalized zipper bag - perfect for holding stationary, sewing items or make-up. The pouch is rectangular, made with two square panels on each side with a monogrammed fabric letter sewn onto one panel. Use contrasting fabrics for the lining and a colourful zip to complement your patchwork squares. The monogrammed pouch is a great gift - and if you’re planning a wedding, how about a pouch for your bridesmaids containing some essentials for the big day?

6 - Fabric Piece Belt

This belt will make a fab gift for little ones and a great way to use our charm packs or any leftover fabric. Sew rectangles of fabric together, ensuring they are the right width for belt loops and make two strips, so that your belt will be double-sided. Fold over one end of the belt, add metal D rings and secure so the other end of the belt can loop through to tie. This lovely eclectic fabric belt will look great on girls and boys denim and they will be delighted to wear something so uniquely cool!

Top 10 different uses for charm packs patchwork squares

7 - Coffee Cup Sleeve

Such a useful idea! This little coffee cup sleeve will ensure you’re never juggling your takeout coffee again! Start by making a pattern for your sleeve by cutting open an old coffee cup, laying it flat and sketching out the desired pattern. Put together two or three of our squares and trim to your pattern. Add fusible interfacing to the fabric, then cut a second fabric for the sleeve lining. Add a loop of narrow elastic at one end and sew the pieces together. Turn the fabrics the right side out and add a button at the opposite end so the elastic can loop around to hold the sleeve around your cup. Your new fabric coffee cup sleeve is perfect to store in your bag ready for your next takeout cuppa!

8 - Fabric Eye Pillow

A quick and easy project but also a worthwhile one! A fabric eye pillow is ideal for meditation, at the end of a yoga session or just when you need a few minutes of me time! The eye pillow sits on your closed eyes as you relax and its gentle weight and scent helps to bring calm and peace to your meditation. Make a small rectangular pillow that will sit across your eye sockets. Fill with a mix of dried beans, rice, lentils and fragrant lavender or chamomile. Using our lovely charm pack fabrics will make you smile as you start to unwind from your day.

9 - Fabric Luggage Tags

How many times have you waited at the airport carousel, scrutinizing cases that look identical to yours? This super quick project will help your suitcase stand out from the crowd! Fabric luggage tags are so easy to make and you will use them for years to come. Simply cut two pieces of tag shaped fabric, with an extra fabric frame for the tag window. Use fusible interfacing to strengthen the tag and sew the pieces together. You can use lamifix film to ensure the tag stays waterproof and vinyl for the window. Pierce the end of the tag with our tailors awl, add an eyelet and tie with a contrasting ribbon. Your case will never get lost in the crowd again!

10 - Patchwork Pot Holder

Do you find yourself taking hot pots off the stove and then hunting for a safe spot to put them? This handy patchwork pot holder will not only avoid scorching the worktops but will brighten your kitchen. Made with our lovely charm packs, add batting to hold the heat away from surfaces and finish with a tidy bias binding edge. A great kitchen essential that can be stored in your tea towel drawer or add a loop of fabric to hang from a hook.

We hope our 10 Different Uses for Patchwork Squares have inspired you with your own projects. We always love to see our customer’s handiwork, so please share with us on our Instagram page.


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