Spring Decor 2019 Trends that you can rock with haberdashery

Spring is here – bringing with it new hope, fresh buds, sunshine, warmth, blossom, floral dresses, and a host of spring themed haberdashery projects! 

Spring is the most wonderful season for tidying away, binning or giving away items of seasons past. Exchange your wintery décor and homeware for lighter, brighter items that will help to bring spring alive in your home and mirror the gorgeous changes happening outside. We believe it’s highly important that your home alters with the season. Not just so that you can keep up with the seasonal home design trends but so that you can bring your mindset into a new season as well as your environment. It’s no secret that your environment hugely affects your wellbeing and that humans are generally happier in the warmer, lighter months. Ensure that the seasonal change is allowed into your home this spring through simple alterations that can be achieved through haberdashery and other DIY techniques. 

To give you some inspiration on how to change your home into a spring haven, we’ve taken some of the top spring interior décor ideas for 2019 and suggested a few ways you can reflect these trends in your own home for a significantly cheaper price that is far more personal and more fun to implement:

It won’t come as a surprise to you but sustainability and considering the environment in your home décor this spring is very much on trend! Homeware stores across the Western World are adapting their products and production means to have less impact on the environment - for example, Ikea now use recycled materials to be more environmentally friendly.

To add some recycled décor to your home, we recommend using old clothes that you’re looking to bin as sources of material to make spring bunting with, use old jam jars as glasses for cold drinks, craft paper flowers out of old newspaper (that your kids can paint), take unwanted tea towels, cushion covers, worn jumpers or torn jeans to make a new summer quilt out of. Things that are visual and recycled are just what this year’s home décor trends are demanding and you can do this so easily with things that are already in your home that you can fashion into something else that is beautiful and eco-friendly! There are hundreds of options staring you in the face in your own home so have a spring clear out and keep a creative eye out for things that be fashioned into something else this new season…

Tactile Textures
This lovely tactile trend is taking the interior design world by storm this spring with French Connection launching their first bedding range made from natural materials that has a lot more to touch and feel than the usual soft bedding. The whole textures trend is based around slow living with an emphasis on natural materials. This creates a cosy feel to the home without being overbearing – it is also great for bringing the feel of the outside in. Just because it’s not winter, doesn’t mean that you don’t want your home to be cosy!

Designers are encouraging us to mix our textures in the home with tactile and interesting throws and cushions as well wall decorations that are busy and interesting, moving away from the minimalist trend that has dominated the magazines and Pinterest for the past few years. As you can guess, we were never huge fans of this so we’re happy that we can replace white walls with DIY art, grey sofas with one single lighter grey cushion on for lots of beautiful patchwork square cushions and a sofa throw made from patterned cotton material (ours are all organic)! Bring texture into your home this season by creating your own picture frames, experimenting with cushion cover materials by adding buttons and ribbons to your creations or cut your own exposed wood coasters!


Mix & Match Patterns 
Again, this is a trend we are huge fans of! Counteracting the minimalist look, we’ve been told to head for all things patterned – not just one pattern but a combination of patterns! This is where our patchwork squares really come into their own so take a look for some inspiration on patterns that are different but still complement each other. The key to doing this is to keep the colour palette tone the same so that nothing overly stands out but is all unique and gives a good visual balance. 

There are many ways that you can introduce this into your home in many different rooms. For example, in your kitchen, you can create a patterned tea cosy using one of our many fabric options and tie it in with a patterned table cloth or runner that you can make using a different fabric or several fabrics sewn together to create an interesting plethora of spring patterns that will harmonise and contrast at the same time. 


Flowers Galore 
Florals for spring?! Shocking! Of course, introducing flowers and floral patterns back into your home for spring really is not revolution but we’ve got a couple of tricks up our sleeve to make your home the epitome of flower power this season…

Interior design trends suggest transforming your utility room into a full on greenhouse, using pots, vases, jars and any other aesthetically pleasing household or garden item that can be used to bed flowers in. However, we’re not necessarily sure you should take it to this extreme as you’re probably aware that greenhouses take a lot of maintenance! However, we do LOVE the idea of adorning your home in flowers or flower themes. Why not fill up some empty jam jars or beer/wine bottles with wild flowers to place on shelves and in bedrooms and ensure you have a vase on each main table in the house with some beautiful blooming flowers in? You don’t have to have real physical flowers to jump on the flower trend mind you – you can always add flowers to your home by using floral material to craft a series of home decorations such as tea towels, throws, cushion covers and doilies.

So there you have it, spring trends for 2019 and how you can adopt the style without spending the cash. Let us know if you try out any of the above or find some other ways to bring spring to your home this year… 


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