Winter Interior Design Trends to take Inspiration from

The dark nights are here which means winter is officially in full swing! A new season definitely shouts for a new decor - whether that just comes in the form of a new lamp, different sofa blankets or a darker table runner, we believe that the stunning winter interior designs trends for 2018 definitely need to find a way into your home! 

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite winter interior design trends and worked out how to DIY these fab styles rather than spend your precious Christmas cash.


Dark Shades
It’s no surprise to hear that darker shades are the palette to be going for this season; perfect for creating a cosy, elegant ambience in your home. The recommended colours to go for are: deep browns, greys and purple tones. Rather than investing hundreds of pounds in brand new pillows, throws and curtains to encompass these beautiful tones, you can inject a new palette through really simple means.

Try making your own cushion covers using a chosen fabric and then match it with a quilt made from patchwork squares, in a mixture of gorgeous dark tones. You can also temporarily reupholster your lampshades or make a tablecloth! There are lots of creative ways to bring this palette into your home this winter.


Textures are absolutely all the rage this year! Boasting anything from glitter to plastic on the catwalk, textures have also made their way into our homes! Bringing textures into your decor is easy - particularly if you’re up for making your own art. Add texture to your everyday household items such as storage jars and candle holders using interesting materials like sack, silk, wool etc. which are low effort and low cost. 

You can also create little model art pieces or coasters out of reclaimed wood and then place them on side tables or your coffee table. Another great way to add texture into your home is to collect pebbles/stones and put them out in a bowl. One idea that we love, is adding foliage to the room - either hanging or stood on the floor or on tables.


Warm Tones
Whilst dark shades are in this winter, so are warming colours such as orange, maple, copper, brass and gold which are said to add warmth, personality and sophisticated to an interior. Just like our dark shades suggestion, adding warm tones into your home through haberdashery methods is super easy! 

Once you’ve chosen a complimentary palette, you can knit, sew, stitch and craft all your home accessories to bring the colours to life. Warm tones look fantastic in blanket and cushion and are usually complimented by candles and wood fires. We recommended adding a burst of fire in the form of homemade cushion covers and throws that are subtle yet unmissable.

Going 80s
That’s right, even interior designer has jumped on the 80s bandwagon! The 80s trend that has hit the fashion and entertainment industries has also made its way firmly into the interior design world in 2018. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to give your sofas shoulder pads or telling you to dig out your fluorescent dance socks…

However, we are suggesting that you create some fantastic flamboyant patterned fabric and use it to make table cloths, tea towels, or to reupholster your kitchen chair cushions! To really add to this incredibly popular theme, you could even invest in neon lighting or create your own retro typography signage to go alongside your new pieces. 

Bringing Heritage Back
Although it might not be your heritage, tartan, checks and paisley are back our homes, bringing wth it beautiful and warm old-world charm. If you’re really ambitious, you can have a go at making your own tartan blankets or other decorations - if not, buying some material and creating something of your own from it is fine also. We think the easiest way to create a heritage charm like this, is to create your own patchwork squaRE quilt out of retro materials and use this either as a bed spread or a warming blanket for the sofa!

Keep it Simple
This certainly isn’t our way of doing things, but those interior design pros are telling us that scaling back the clutter to create more space for positive atmosphere is just what we need in the darker winter months. 

Here, they suggest a clean, monochrome approach with sleek and contemporary home accessories with one or two real statement pieces of art or features - this is where we come in! If you have a minimalist space that you want to bring to life for winter 2018, we suggest crafting something big and beautiful using our glitter felt to make a personal and beautiful statement. 

We believe that any of the above trends can be achieved via your own haberdashery projects -  no matter how big or how small. It’s super important at this time of year to create an environment that is inviting, homely and keeps you happy and feeling safe throughout the dark nights. In the lead up to Christmas, investing it new homeware can be a little tricky so we hope all of the above has helped give you some ideas on how you can give your home a winter spruce, aligning with all the latest trends in a cheap and fun way!

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