How to create your own Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

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Mad as hatter? Tempted by tea? Want to chase the rabbit down the hole or play croquet with flamingos?

Alice in Wonderland is an absolute classic that, during the 21st century has picked up huge amounts of popularity due to the wonderful and mesmerising aesthetic the story brings to life.

The tale of Alice in Wonderland is one that is filled with surrealism, beauty, escapism, wonder and intrigue. Lewis Carol’s magical creation has inspired and caught the imagination of millions around the world who love the book, the films, the characters, the bizarre nature of the storyline, the emotional backstory and of course, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Here at Hot Pink we love all of the above, and for good reason! This summer we want to help you to recreate the infamous Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Tea Party through some easy haberdashery ideas so that you can get lost in the incredible world through the looking glass… 

A Tablecloth
First and foremost, create yourself the most beautiful and bizarre tablecloth to cover your table with. This can be for both indoors and outdoors, but make sure you tablecloth is built for purpose! Find a material or materials that you love and patch them together to create a mad, bright and colourful pattern that would stand out a mile!

A Tea Cosy
Rather than investing in a crazy tea pot, just create your own crazy tea cosy! You could choose to knit or sew your tea cosy, and we suggest making one that leaves the spout and lid clear – so it’s more like a teapot jumper than a cosy! This means you won’t have to take it off whilst pouring. Be sure to choose absurd and abstract patterns to create the real Mad Hatter feel.

Decorate a Cake Stand
Either buy a cheap cake stand or decorate an old one. This can be done by either painting it and sticking gems etc to it; or adorning it with fabrics and thread – just make sure if doesn’t get in the way of any cakes! Check out our selection of craft fabrics for inspiration!

We know we bang on about bunting but really, it’s a brilliantly simple and easy way to decorate either outside or inside! Use our patchwork squares to choose your fabric and get sewing those crazy patterns! Try dangling cupcake holders and other lightweight kitchen-wear to it, such as plastic cutlery that you’ve painted (if it will hold!)

Flowers are a must for the Mad Hatter’s Tea party, so go wild! We say decorate your own vase with assortments of fabric and fairy lights to add some real magic to the table. You could even get a top hat, put a short vase in it that sits below the rim of the hat and put the flowers in that!

Chair Covers
These are easy peasy! Choose a cotton fabric that you like (possibly blue?) and wrap it around each of the chairs to disguise your usual ones. Then use an oversized ribbon to put around and tie at the back for the full effect.

Decorate some Cheap Hats
At the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party it would be rude not to wear a hat wouldn’t it? Buy some cheap hats – or use old ones – for your guests and sew beads, buttons and ribbons to them for people to put on as they arrive and to keep on for the duration of the tea party! 

The Characters
The guests of honour at your tea party are of course The White Rabbit, Alice and the Mouse! If you haven’t got toy rabbits or mice, make some! You don’t have to use conventional colouring either, you can use a selection of bright and interesting patterns to make your little creatures even more magical. We don’t suggest trying to make an Alice as part of your haberdashery project; nominating a guest or two to dress up as the infamous Alice is probably your best bet! (or why not you?!)

Whilst doilies are traditionally made out of paper or card, if you want, you can create your own fabric ones by using a stencil and cutting out some gorgeous patterns from your favourite fabric. These can go under your teapots, your cup and saucers and vases!

These are just some of our ideas on how you can make your own Alice in Wonderland Tea Party as fun, mad and colourful as we can think of! The rest is down to you: costumes, food, drinks, games... We've given you the base, now you make it come to life!




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    Awesome inspiration! Thank you! X

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