Hot Pink Moves to the Coast!

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This isn’t what we usually the sort of thing we put up on our blog but we wanted to share with all our lovely customers some great news of ours!

Hot Pink Haberdashery is Birmingham born and bred. From the spare bedroom in our West Midlands house, our little business has grown and grown - and most recently it’s packed up and moved down to Cornwall. 

There have been factors influencing our move to the coast (beaches and Cornish pasties being two of them!) and we wanted to let you know what moving away from the big city has taught us so far and what our upcoming plans are…


Why Cornwall?
As you can all imagine - or as some of you may know, starting a business can be pretty tough (but fun!) and over the years since we started up Hot Pink Haberdashery life has been pretty manic. Cornwall popped up on our radar several years ago and has seemed a almost dreamy utopia to us - a place where we could work hard but reward ourselves with a more relaxed and adventurous lifestyle. 

A key part in our decision to take our lives down to the coast was our children. We thought that we didn’t want to just parent our children, but inspire them too. With our move to a more nature-rich environment, we hope that Cornwall will help us to do this!

Hot Pink & the Move
Founding Hot Pink Haberdashery has give us the confidence to take on big challenges. The business was started from just a few pounds spent at a local market buying fabric to sell on and we could only really have dreamed about how much it’s blossomed since then. The triumph of our little business has shown us that taking on challenges is a positive thing, even when at first the circumstance might seem daunting - we thank our customers and business for giving us the oomph to pack up and go! 

What Cornwall will do for us
Hot Pink is fun, it’s creative and moving to somewhere that has a change of pace and stunning surroundings will only benefit us. Getting away from the bustling city and into the country has already helped us to address our work life balance and this is a medium we hope will weave into the ethos of Hot Pink. It’s no secret that a happy work force makes for a productive work place so we hope that things will keep going up and up for us here!

Birmingham has been home for us for 10 years and there have been aspects of it that we have loved. It’s so convenient - everything you need all in once place and just a stone’s throw away. The canals are great for walks, seeing something new every time and so many different routes! Most of all, we’re really going to miss the many people and places that were part of our lives for so long. 

As some of you know, we’re a family run business and Birmingham was the beginning of Hot Pink. We met and had our two beautiful children there - Birmingham will always be a part of us. Despite our soppy words about the UK’s second city, what we won’t miss for sure is the traffic, noise and the expense! The countryside is peaceful and value for money is actually a thing here!

Haberdashery and Cornwall
We’re looking to break into the haberdashery scene here in Cornwall and perhaps even become Cornish haberdashery pioneers! We’re currently looking for ways to integrate with the local community - participating in local craft markets and partnering up with other local businesses! We’re super excited about what we’re going to achieve here in the Cornish haberdashery market and looking to get really stuck in.


If any of you have any words of wisdom about living in Cornwall, adjusting to new environments or know of any local haberdashery entrepreneurs and craft fairs, please do get in touch and let us know!


Wish us luck! 

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  • Anne Porter

    Best of luck in beautiful Cornwall with your excellent quality fabrics and customer service.

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