Have a Vintage Inspired Summer with Haberdashery

It’s June! Finally the month of summer is here and we can’t wait to get into the full swing of the summer spirit (despite what the English weather has been saying recently..!).

Living down here by the sea, we can’t take our minds off summer. All things bright, colourful, warm, nautical, floral, and fun are darting around our heads, giving us inspiration for all our projects and products for this wonderful season. 

As you may know, here at Hot Pink, we love vintage. Vintage clothes, vintage styles, vintage patterns, vintage shapes, vintage homewear, vintage everything really! This summer we want to help make your home fabulously vintage by giving you some ideas on how you can incorporate vintage into your haberdashery projects just in time for the sunniest season:

Vintage Style Dress
This is one that we’ve suggested a couple of times in our blogs but honestly, it’s one of the best ways to express your passion for vintage fashion! Make sure you pick your perfect fabric that not only takes you to the era you want, but that you absolutely love too! The key style in creating a vintage style dress is to ensure there’s a nip in at the waist and the skirt is skater style that comes down to just below your knee. Check out our guide here on how to create your perfect vintage style dress and get to work! 


Vintage Inspired Cushions
As we often say, one of the easiest ways to start transforming your home decor to a particular theme that isn’t necessary as permanent as wallpaper or furniture, is cushion covers! We think you should have a big selection of homemade cushion covers in your drawer ready to pull out and dress up your cushions with at a moment’s notice! Whether these are Christmas ones, seasonal or vintage…We definitely see this as one of the best ways to introduce a theme to your home that will catch eyes, compliment the rest of your decor (always be sure to colour scheme!) and not cause you too much hassle. 

To create vintage inspired cushions, we suggest heading for fabric that has a slightly rustic feel to it but that is not secondhand. We suggest florals, polkadots or light tartan depending on what kind of vintage vibe you’re aiming for!


Vintage Tainted Tablecloth
Tablecloths and table runners are making a comeback and what better time to show yours off than during the summer months when it can cover your outdoor table too?! If you choose to make a tablecloth, it’s important that you don’t choose a pattern too vibrant or cluttered. Half the beauty of a tablecloth is that it accentuates the food on it rather than clashing with it or making it blend in. For a vintage tainted summer tablecloth, we recommend choosing an off-white or pastel coloured fabric which you can then sew your chosen patterns onto. When making your sewing designs think Cath Kidson style florals and colours that will compliment the base fabric colour whilst ensuring it doesn’t distract too much from your beautiful spread! 

A table runner can afford to be bolder and brighter as it only takes up the middle of the table. Still, we recommend opting for pastel colours and florals that will bring light and loveliness to your table whilst not steering the eye too much away from your food! 

Vintage Led Bed Covers
Similarly to your vintage inspired cushions, we think bed covers are another relatively simple and easy way to change up the look and feel of a bedroom. Add your own handmade vintage led bed covers to your linen collection that you can enjoy all summer long by picking a lightly coloured cotton fabric boasting small floral prints with pale blue or pink lining. Match this with your vintage inspired cushions and you’ll feel like walking into a completely different bedroom! 

Alternatively, creating your own vintage quilt is a great option for those of you wanting to invest the time in a quilt project. For this, you will need to collect a selection of patchwork squares of your choice and sew them together to make the vintage bed quilt of your dreams! Check our our range of patchwork squares where we offer a beautiful variety of vintage-led patterns and designs perfect for your vintage summer quilt



Vintage Candle Holders

Candles are definitely an all year round must-have for the home! As long as your fragrances are light and summery, they will only ever be an asset to a room; they’re homely, comforting and you can pick the scents that make you feel happiest. We like to think that our lovely wax friends deserve the best home to help promote their beauty and scent so creating the perfect candle holder is practically imperative for linking all your summer vintage decor together. 

The best and simplest way to do this is to collect some beautiful jars. You can use a mixture of jam jars, store bought decor jars and ones from antique shops to create a really rustic and authentic feel. A really nice way to personalise them is to create your own decorations on them - anything from wrapping material around them to painting them is acceptable and it will make the world of difference to the room they’re in! You can also choose coloured jars that will help to alter the lighting in the room when the candles are lit

We do hope that we’ve helped to inspire your vintage style summer decor - as always, send us photos! 




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