Haberdashery Inspired Christmas Decorations

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It’s that time of year again when we start winding up for the most exciting time of the year: that’s right, it’s Christmas!

It’s time to start thinking about presents, pulling the Christmas jumpers out from the loft and our favourite thing… Decking the halls!

Making your own Christmas decorations using haberdashery is a wonderful thing to do. It’s an opportunity to create a colour scheme and designs suitable for you and your home, as well as giving you a chance to get the kiddies involved with something creative and lasting! 

To start you off on you Christmas decoration journey, we’ve got a few ideas for to try out that can be done by you alone or with the kids:

Big Festive Lettering

Want a cheap and fun way to bring the christmas vocabulary into your home? Try big festive lettering!

Step 1: Choose a word that you like associated with Christmas (ideally not too long!) such as: XMAS, NOEL, JOY, SANTA, SNOW etc.

Step 2: Buy some cheap, cardboard hollow lettering

Step 3: Cover the inside of your letters one by one, with PVA glue

Step 4: Use some sort of material such as pom poms, buttons, cotton fabric or other miscellaneous haberdashery bits and bobs to fill the inside

Step 5: Fill all the lettering with your chosen materials/goodies and then place together on a mantelpiece or table


Paper Plate Angels

This is a great decoration to make with the kids and you can make them as plain or festive as you like!

Step 1: You will need: paper plates, gold or silver glitter glue and pipe cleaners, hair coloured wool, pom poms, PVA glue, a black marker and scissors

Step 2: Make your angels’ dresses by cutting out a quarter of each paper plate

Step 3: The gap you’ve created should be the top of your angel (wings!) and use the glitter glue to create a pattern on your wings

Step 4: Use your pipe cleaners to create a halo and then glue it right in the centre of your plate

Step 5: Glue the cut-out quarter at the bottom of your plate and then decorate that in glitter glue too

Step 6: Cut out a circle for the face and use your marker to draw eyes, nose and lips. Glue this into the middle

Step 7: Use the wool for hair by cutting several strands to the length you want and then glue into place

Personalised Plastic Baubles

Make your baubles this year a little more personal by filling them with all your favourite haberdashery bits and other small personalised pieces.

Step 1: To start, you will need: plastic fillable baubles, festive coloured pom poms, brightly coloured sharpie pens, a pencil, paper, scissors and masking tape

Step 2: Choose your favourite Christmas phrases and write them on the outside of your baubles

Step 3: You’re going to trace a design with your pen so cut out your design (perhaps a christmas tree or stocking) and stick it inside your bauble (separate the two halves first!) with temporary masking tape. On the outside of your bauble, trace the design with your sharpie pen and hey presto! 

Step 4: Fill the inside of the bauble with pom poms or other bits and bobs from ribbon, to sparkly fabric or even wrapped chocolate! You could try and put a photo inside too - one the size of a passport photo. These are now ready for your tree!

A Little Stocking

Create a little stocking to hang anywhere in your house - just don’t expect Father Christmas to fill it up come Christmas Eve! 

Step 1: You will need to have: material to cut your stocking out of, a different material to make a trim, felt sheers, fabric glue, scissors, paper and pencil

Step 2: Once you’ve chosen your christmas fabric for your stocking and your trim, cut out the shape of your stocking. You can choose to make this fillable or just use a single piece

Step 3: Stick or sew your chosen trimming to the top of your stocking

Step 4: Make a template for the name or word you want to put on the stocking but writing it out on a piece of paper. Lay this over your stocking to check that it fits correctly

Step 5: Lay the template onto the felt sheets and draw around the letters using a pencil. You can then put this onto the stocking and use fabric glue to stick it down 

Step 6: Attach a looped ribbon to the corner at the top of the stocking and you’re ready to go!


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  • LOuise HArrison

    Just received a couple of nursery alphabet letters to complete a small quilt for a couple who had twins at the hospital where I work as a volunteer.The Ronald McDonald House at Arrowe Park Hospital Wirral provide free accommodation for parents with very sick babies on our Neonatal Unit so they are able to stay close to their babies whilst in hospital.I have set up a Craft Day for parents and visitors to take part and have something to take their minds off a worrying situation.I am looking for simple ideas of anything they could do and even donations of anything ’Crafty"that maybe no longer in use to anybody.Willing to pay postage costs.Will certainly continue to use your site.Louise Harrison

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