Flower Power: Making the most of floral fabric this season

Florals for spring and summer isn’t exactly a huge surprise but this year the powers of flowers are spreading far and wide across fashion and home decor in 2019.

We’ve loved seeing all the haberdashery projects you’ve been getting on with in the lead up to summer. From bags to dresses and everything in between, we can see a strong floral theme coming through from our followers.

We want to help inspire your floral haberdashery projects by outlining some of the ways in which you can take the latest floral trends and interpret them in your own way to create something highly unique.

Dress to impress with Flower Power

Loud and colorful retro prints have collided with dainty rose-patterns in a season where anything goes, just so long as it’s budding! This year, we’ve seen fashion designers embracing and endorsing bold florals. Florals are all over runways and red carpets, with celebrities and trendsetters like Scarlett Johansson and Hailey Baldwin rocking florals and even real flower crowns. Rose prints and splashy retro florals have dominated runways for the past few months, such as tops with bold floral patterns matched with minimalist trousers, statement gowns, even pattern-mixed outfits for the especially adventurous and fashion-forward. All of these can be made by you at home and in time for the sunniest time of the year. 

Mix your florals

Trends are telling us that you can combine multiple different types of floral fabrics to your fashion pieces so why not get really creative and pick a selection of our gorgeous floral fabrics to start your next project with? One of the best things about blooms and blossoms flourishing all over the catwalks, is that styles are coming in all possible guises; ranging from surfer-girl sport prints to delicate tapestry-inspired brocades. Put simply, there's a floral for everyone. Even if you haven't stepped out in such a print since you left your tween years, you might find yourself convinced over the next few months – especially if you’re making it yourself!

Copy that catwalk

One inspirational look that we haven’t been able to get enough of here at Hot Pink is the new Louis Vuitton floral look. They created beautiful floral dungarees that were set against a metallic background – perfect for taking the kids to the park or getting creative at home or in the garden! You can recreate this look by simply adding floral patchwork squares to a pair of dungarees, or even replacing large chunks of denim with cotton floral fabric. However, if you’re looking for something a little more elegant, this year Valentino has championed dresses with blown-up florals in colour-block shades. The dresses might be the stuff of 2019 fashion dreams but we love that the prints have a real retro appeal. If you’re looking to imitate some floral dresses yourself, you can either make your own dress or head to a vintage or charity shop to find a stylised dress that you can alter to create your own dream floral dress for this season.

Adorn your home with Flower Power

It’s no secret that flowers literally breathe new life into our indoor and outdoor spaces. From faux floral arrangements to bespoke bouquets, flowery curtains to felt plants in a vase and everything in between, there’s something you can make to suit every style, budget and taste.

As we’ve seen in the fashion world, summer 2019 is set to be an explosion of exciting floral trends. In the home décor realm, trends are focusing on key themes including seasonality, minimalism and a palette of bright colours which we love! Below are a few ideas of how best to include 2019’s latest floral décor trends that you add to your home through your own means with the help of our haberdashery range:

Using the charm of coral

As you may know, every year, Pantone chooses its Colour of the Year. This year, they’ve picked ‘Living Coral’ which ties in perfectly with florals. There are a lot of actual flowers which are available in this shade which you can choose to make a lovely arrangement from – but you can also use coral as a base for your floral projects. Coral is quite a bold colour which you don’t necessarily want a huge amount of in your home (well, you might!). Because of this, we recommend creating floral cushion covers which you can then embroid flowers onto. This will create a bright a beautiful addition to your lounge or bedroom with a stylish twist.


Greatness in green

Green is another colour flooding the home décor mags this summer. Encouraging texture and movement in the home through real floral and foliage displays is a great background setting for your DIY flowers too. By creating a more natural setting for your floral designs, your home will truly feel like you’ve brought the outside in. Whether you’re knitting a daisy chain, making your own forget-me-not curtains or sewing flower patterns onto the edges of an old blanket, give your floral project the setting it deserves!

We have a fab selection of haberdashery items which can help you to create the floral dream this summer. Whether that’s your clothes or your home, take a browse at our fabrics and crafts to find the tools you need.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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