Simple Projects From Just 2 Metres of Fabric

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What can you make from 2 metres of fabric?

With the summer holidays in full flow, you may be looking for some easy craft projects to keep little fingers, or your own, busy but stress free? Without spending a large amount of money on resources, what can you make that is useful and that you or one of your brood can be proud of?

There are thousands of ideas out there, which in itself can make it difficult to choose just one, or the right one for you. Therefore I have put together some project ideas that range from needing little or no sewing skills or resources, to requiring basic to good sewing skills and equipment. They however all have in the common the fact that you can produce them with approximately 2 metres of fabric. This can be two metres of one fabric, or a range of fabrics, matching or not, depending on your taste and ideas.

Polycotton Fabric

All the projects are suited to polycotton fabric, flexible, versatile, easy to work with and cheaper to buy than cotton. One of our 5 half metre bundle packs for just £9.99 would be ideal. Choose from fabrics chosen to co-ordinate to create the perfect Shabby Chic style, or bright floral and motifs great for children's interiors or toys.


Fabric by the Metre

Haberdashery Project Idea 1

        Add Colour and Texture to a bare window
  • Create a window garland

Perfect for a children's nursery, maybe to add texture to a black out blind window, use our five co-ordinating fabrics to create a simple window garland, no sewing needed.

Create a paper pattern to guide you in accurately cutting each strip. Produce this paper pattern by firstly deciding how long you want the garland to come down the length of the window. Double this measurement and add a few centimetres for fixing. The width of the fabric is your choice, but approximately 10cm would be ideal. Use the pattern piece to cut the fabric into equal strips.

Once you have cut the strips in the colours of your choice, tie them onto a curtain pole. The neatest and quickest way to do this is by taking the centre of the strip, holding this up to the pole, then putting the two ends though the loop; just like tying a scarf.

If you want to make a neater finish to the garland, edge each strip with bias binding before fixing. To add further texture or shimmer, sew on buttons or sequins to the edges. This would look very effective.

This project is a quick and simple as you want to make it.

Shabby Chic Window Garland (Project 1)                 Fabric Wall Art (Project 2)

Window garlands such as this have become very fashionable and popular to create decorations for weddings and events, as well as for your home. You can use a variety of textured fabrics to create more rustic styling, or add bows to the knots to add pretty detail. Tie onto a large stick for an alternative to the curtain poll or tie onto string and drape across the window instead.

Shabby Chic Fabric Bundle

Fabric Wall Art (Project 2)
















Project Idea 2

Add colour and pattern to a bare wall
  • Frame fabric in old picture frames or embroidery hoops

Produce an original and fun fabric wall, using our half metres co-ordinated fabrics. Choose old photo frames or embroidery hoops to create a cluster of pattern. Team with a mirror like those pictured to add further light.

Similarly to project 1, this requires no sewing or sewing equipment other than some scissors. What you will need is some beautiful fabrics, wall space and a framing method of your choice.

The embroidery hoops are an excellent idea; they keep the fabric taught and are easy to hang without needing specific fixtures. Place the fabric in the hoop and trim to size. Glue the back of the hoop if you want the fabric to stay permanently; otherwise, change as often as the mood takes you!

Framing fabric in an old or customised frame should also be simple. The weight of polycotton fabric should be sufficient to keep the fabric flat under glass. If your frame no longer has a glass insert, fix your fabric to your frame by stapling it taughtly to the inside edge. Done!


Project Idea 3

Add colour and warmth to a cold floor
  • Make a scrappy floor mat

 This crazy patchwork mat is a beautiful example of how basic sewing skills and beautiful fabrics can make family heirlooms and create fabulously fun interiors.

Start on a small scale if it's your first attempt as a large rug can be quite a project if your sewing skills are basic.

Firstly create a paper pattern for the size of your mat, add seam allowance (approx. 1.5cm) and cut a backing fabric to this size. Hessian, Calico, or something similar will be fine. As long as it is hardwearing and heavy e.g. a pair of recycled jeans stitched together could be a fun option.

You will then need a background fabric on which to create your design. An interfaced polycotton would be suitable or a batting fabric. Cut this to the size of the paper pattern.

Prepare your chosen fabrics by cutting it into random fabric squares and rectangles, as pictured. Do not plan a design, this should be done completely at random.

The process of creating this design or something similar is purely top stitching your scrappy patches onto your background fabric. No edges need to be turned or neatened and no process or intricate design needs to be studied. Start from the edges to try and keep the pieces parallel, or start from the centre for a completely crazy result.

On completing the top stitching, embrace the scrappy style by further fraying loose edges. Press the edges of the patchwork and backing fabric in to make neat and square. Sew your design on top of the backing fabric around the outside edge. Your scrappy mat should be complete. Step back and enjoy!

I hope at least one of these ideas has caught your attention and maybe given you an idea to begin making a textile gem. If you do decide to make any of the above, or anything in our fabrics, please share your photos with us on facebook  or Instagram

We always love to see what you have created and you can also see the great work of other customers. So, if you loved the idea of the scrappy mat, or favoured the window garland, good luck, we were happy to help!


Further Project Ideas

I have put together a Pinterest board of further simple project ideas for you to use, with instructions and printable patterns available. Some of these project ideas include:

  • Tote Bags
  • Sewing Machine Covers
  • Ear phone or small gadget cases
  • Large scale pattern patchwork quilts
  • Fabric sandwich/snack bags

Check this out and start following me on Pinterest to get a constant stream of inspiration and updates from Hot Pink Haberdashery.

Pinterest Board

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Future blogs will include step by step demos of fabric manipulation and decorative techniques, as well as make ideas and new product information.


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    Hello Jennie. I’m 73 years old and I do a lot of what I call wool work. That is embroidery with wool. I would like to be on your mailing list for wool ribbon and fabric like calico & unbleached cotton.

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