10 Haberdashery Ideas for Kid’s Gifts

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Today, creating your own presents for the little bairns in your life has probably never been more difficult. With the rise of technology – particularly the tablet and the smartphone, children have access to a huge amount of stimulation, games and knowledge quite literally, at their fingertips. The advancement of technology has given the children of today an incredibly high standard of gaming, playing and learning which can be difficult to keep up with.

Whilst some of us believe the technology used by the kids in our life to be the spawn of Satan, taking children away from outside exploring and creative, imaginative games, others of us are not so cynical. A lot of us living under the same roof as these little munchkins can vouch for the fact that actually, using the latest technologies for gaming and learning is in fact a really great way to learn and engage, and energetic chaotic physical play is still very much rampant in many households!

Either way, what we’re here to do is advise you on what special haberdashery gifts you can make yourself for you daughter, son, niece, nephew, sister, brother, godson, goddaughter etc. that brings a bit of sentimentality to your next gift. We’ve gathered a list of ideas on what we think you can make yourself that the little recipient will love:


Toy Animals
Create their favourite animal in toy form by either knitting one or stuffing fabric and sewing a face on. Depending on how advanced your knitting/sewing/general haberdashery skills are will depend on how realistic you want to make your little guy!

A Bag
Satchel, rucksack, over the shoulder bag… You choose! You can make these play bags or bags to take out – whatever you think is best. Craft them from old pieces of clothing or cotton fabrics and sew buttons etc. onto them to dress them up.

A Coin Purse
Similarly to the bag, create a little zip purse that’s small enough to fit into kid’s pockets so they can keep their money safe. Decorate them with whatever you think they’ll love – from sew on designs to unique patterns, make it as personalised as you can.

Make a pair of cute, fun slippers they’ll be proud to wear on their feet! You could give them an animal theme (face on the front), perhaps a car or type of food? Your choice!

Sweetie Bag
A sweetie bag is very different from other bags… It has to be small enough to fit into pockets but big enough to hold sweets! Rule of thumb we say, is that it should be big enough to fit in a lolly but not big enough to fit in a bag of crisps! Make it bright, colourful with sweetie patterned fabric or sweet shaped buttons sewn on for the full effect.

A Jumper
Not just any jumper though… Put their favourite character on the front! Whether that's a superhero, Marvel character, Lego, cartoon or book character. You could even go a step further and and put their name under it too!

Make a bracelet, necklace, anklet or ring for the special little one and include beads, buttons, letters and other little sentimental bits you can find to make it extra special. This can be for both boys and girls depending on how you make it and the colour schemes you choose! 

We always love hearing from you, so let us know if you try any of our ideas on the special child in your life. 

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  • Sylvia Hardy

    Brilliant advice thank you. My 7yr old Granddaughter has requested a sewing box from Father Christmas so I was wanting ideas. The bow is ordered!

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