Working Pastels into your Haberdashery World

Colour schemes are one of the most important things to consider when undertaking any haberdashery project (and any design project for that matter!). Whether you’re looking to take the plunge by helping to redesign your living room with your own curtains, cushions etc, making a dress, making a quilt or duvet cover… The list goes on! It’s always so important to ensure you have a colour scheme and that it coordinates well.

As it’s summer, we’re focusing on summery colours and products here at Hot Pink and lately we can’t get enough of pastels. Before we share with you some of our favourite pastel products, we’d like to tell you a little about the importance of colour and why you should pick pastel for your home for the remainder of summer…

Colour is a fantastic way of stimulating and exciting us. Different colours have different effects on our mood from feeling happy, tranquil, happy or even pretty sad. Without even knowing it, we experience the psychological effects of colour all day long! So why pastel colours? Pastels are less saturated than primary colours, which mean they appear light, calming and soft. They’re great for bringing spring or summer into your home, as well as creating a feeling of sophistication and relaxation; in fact, pastels are renowned for evoking relaxation in an environment. They’re also well known for being soothing and even sometimes equated with sanity!

On top of all of this, we love pastels because they look so good with many different interiors. Here at Hot Pink, we want you to be able to create things you love and make you happy but that will also compliment the home they’re put in. So what pastel haberdashery products have we got for you to help tie up the strings of summer?


Blue & Pink 1/2 Metre Bundle

Our lovely pastel polycotten fabric bundle is versatile and easy to handle, as well as a beautiful and classic design that we love. Turn these carefully put together patterns into cushion covers for a slightly diverse but co-ordinated sofa cushion set.

Pastel Metre Fashion Fabrics

We have a great selection of pastel fashion fabrics that are great for turning into clothing. Pick one or more of these gorgeous pastel fabrics and create them into something even more beautiful. The polka dot patterns are ideal for turning into a dress whilst the small white flower designs would make a stunning top/skirt co-ord! 


Pastel 10x10cm Fabric Squares

We love our patchwork squares - they're the most useful thing! Try using our pastel patchwork squares to bring a relaxing but fun vibe to your living space in any way you want.


Pastel Star Buttons

There are so many ways to make good use of buttons, from button jewellery to button covered bags and button art! We have a lovely selection of pastel buttons for you to choose from and use to accessorise bits and bobs around your house that need a bit of a lift.



Floral & Polka Dot Pastel 1/2 Metre Bundle

 Here's another one of our lovely pastel polycotten fabric bundles. These are fantastic for doing just about anything with: from creating duvet sets, table cloths, clothing, bags etc!


Have fun using pastels to help relax your home whilst still bringing the feeling of summer to your decor. We'd love to know if you do use any of pastel products so be sure to get in touch if you do!




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