Transforming your Home into Spring with Homemade Haberdashery

The sun is starting to poke its face out from behind the clouds, flowers are starting to bloom, the crispness of the air is fading into mildness and our wooly jumpers are slowly being replaced with cardigans. All around us the darkness of the much-too-long winter months are melting away and being replaced with later sunsets, greener landscapes and the excitement at the prospect of Pimms’ season. That’s right, it’s Spring and we are so ready for it!

Seasonal transitions are some of the most important times in the calendar. The seasons affect us all and with each significant meteorological change, brings a shift in attitude, perspective and behaviour. Autumn brings with it a romantic atmosphere, warm, rich colours, long country walks and rummaging around for your favourite wellies. Winter is for cosy nights in, big scarves, blankets, hot chocolate and Christmas. Summer is all about sunshine, barbecues, sunsets, relaxation and late nights. Spring is the season of new hope; dusting off the cobwebs of the colder months, basking in the first sunshine of the year and thawing the coldness in your fingertips.

Embracing each season as a new, fresh chapter narrated by the changes in Mother Nature is exciting and we believe that changing your inside environment to match that of the season should reach further than to just your Christmas decorations - why not celebrate every season within your home?

We’ve come up with a few haberdashery themed DIY ideas to help transform your home into a spring haven that will leave you feeling light, happy, optimistic and very seasonally relevant! 



Bunting is a fantastic and easy way to give your home a spring facelift. It’s super fun to make, simple to take up and down and will instantly create a spring vibe in your home. We recommend using our 20cm x 20cm patchwork squares to create beautiful and unique spring bunting. Mix and match our patterns to design the perfect decoration for your home - we’d love to see your pictures when you’re done!  




We love reupholstering parts of our furniture for the different seasons, particularly dress chairs or kiddie chairs. We don’t advise going the whole hog and reupholstering every chair and sofa in your house but changing up bits of cheaper, old furniture or cushions can be great fun and will completely change the vibe of your interior. We recommend going for light, pastel colours that will bring a sense of serenity and positivity to your home, whilst also giving you a fun and uplifting project to work on in the run up to the warmer months. 

Similarly, upholstering a set of cushions for your outdoor furniture is a great way to brighten up your garden as well as make it comfortable! These can be stored away and used again year after year - just be careful not to get them too wet!

We suggest trying our lovely and relatively bold butterfly pattern for smaller pieces or children’s items, any one of our trio country rose range or our pastel pink and white flower pattern for the ultimate spring upholstery experience!



During the winter we tend to bring out our sofa and bed throws to give us a bit of extra warmth and to use as an emergency blanket if necessary. But why should these lovely items only be exclusive to winter? We think that creating your own light, spring/summer themed throws are an easy and beautiful way to bring the floral colours of outside into your home as and when you want them. 

When creating your throw, it’s vital to think about how it will match up with the rest of your interior; particularly with the bed or sofa you’ll be putting it on. We have a wide range of quilt based products and a selection of cotton fabric, polycotton fabric and fashion fabrics that you can use to start your project depending on how you want your throw to look and feel.


Table Cloth

Similarly to creating a spring/summer throw, making your own seasonal table cloth is a brilliant way to brighten up meal times. Craft your own table cloth for use both outdoor and indoor use - perfect for barbecues, a drinks’ table as well as a sit down family dinner.

Our cotton fabrics are strong a durable with low risk of snagging so we recommend getting stuck in using your favourite spring pattern from our collection!


Decorate a Vase

Flowers are the ultimate symbol of spring and no spring revamp is complete without them. Rather than just placing your flowers in a glass vase, why not buy (or make!) a plain clay vase and decorate it exactly the way you want it. Try painting it with pastel colours that won’t clash with whichever bunch you choose to put in it, or covering it in buttons! This will bring a beautiful rustic feeling to your table and make your vase of flowers even more of a centre piece.

Photo Frames

Every home can always do with more photos. Surrounding yourself with fond memories and pictures of loved ones is so important for happiness so why not make your own, spring themed gallery? 

Buy some cheap wooden photo frames of different sizes and try painting them in bright colours, covering them in floral fabric or create textured ones by sticking buttons and ribbons on them and then painting over them. This is also a great thing to get your kids involved with in the lead up to summer! 

Jazz up a Basket

We could all do with more storage, and sometimes it’s hard to make this extra storage look appealing or fit in with your home decor. This spring, why not buy several wicker baskets to use as storage for magazines, eggs in your kitchen, arts and crafts, make-up or other goodies? 

It seems a shame to paint wicker, and often it will flake off anyway, so try weaving ribbons through them and then lining them with fabric to stop any bits falling through and avoiding mess.


We hope you’ve found some inspiration here for how to bring your home into spring and how to have fun doing it! We would love to see any photos of projects you’ve undertaken with any of our ideas so please post them on our Facebook or send them directly to us via email.

Happy spring! 






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