Our Top 10 Handmade Father's Day Gifts

Finding the perfect present for your Dad can be tricky because if your Dad is anything like ours, he’ll tell you he doesn’t need anything! However, we know our Dads deserve something special and whatsmore we know they love a thoughtful, handmade gift! So with Father’s Day on the horizon, now is the perfect time to make something your Dad will cherish!

Here are our Top 10 handmade Father’s day gift ideas to help inspire you to create something that little bit special for your Dad.

1: Hand Decorated Treat Jar

This is a lovely project to do with children as it doesn’t require too many steps. Start with a good size mason jar and use our glass paint to decorate with patterns and a handwritten message for your Dad. Next, fill the jar with his favourite treats - could be homemade granola, brownies, biscuits or savoury snacks to go with his chosen tipple. Alternatively, put together a selection of grooming miniatures, along with small items that relate to his hobbies, such as golf tees, DIY items or vouchers for the local cinema. Together, it will make a thoughtful and unique gift, just for your Dad. He can reuse the jar to store anything from his favorite pickles to DIY equipment - the list is endless! 

Top 10 Father's Day gifts mason treat jar

2: Box Toiletry Bag

Perfect for weekends away or even longer holidays, a homemade box toiletry bag is ideal for his shower and shaving kit. Whatsmore, being homemade gives you the freedom to add some character to the design, selecting a stylish fabric that your Dad will love. You can even add a contrasting lining fabric, to make it that extra special. With a fabric handle at one end, the box toiletry bag can be hung on a bathroom hook and the box shape is perfect for brushes, toiletry and shaving bottles along with his toothbrush! The bag is straightforward to make, using two external and two lining panels of fabric, with a medium weight fusible interfacing sandwiched between the materials. You’ll need a zip to match the length of your chosen bag size and just a piece of small fabric for the handle. How about our camouflage fabric, lined with a plain or dark candy stripe or our dapper Town Fox fabric, lined with a polka dot print.

3: Denim Tool Apron

If your Dad is a home improvement enthusiast, this gift will be perfect for him! A simple but very handy short tool apron that ties at the waist. Select one of our denims for the main panel, together with a second lighter weight denim for the pocket panel and use one of our specialist denim threads to match your selection of denims. Create compartments of different sizes in the pocket panel, suitable for his tools - from hammers and nails to pencils and screwdrivers. The multiple pockets will ensure he has everything he needs to hand whilst he’s busy working. By using denim, the apron is washable and can be hung or folded away after use, ready for your dad’s next project!

4: Fabric Wine Bag

This gift is ideal for all the social, wine appreciating dads out there! Select a heavier fabric, such as our cool camouflage drill fabric or one of our denim fabrics, to make a very stylish, reusable wine bottle bag. Select a contrasting cord handle to add a unique finish to your homemade wine bag. This gift can be made to your dad’s taste by choosing fabrics he would love and it will be used time and again for picnics, meals with friends and barbecues. 

5: Denim Tech Sleeve

For the tech dad that takes his tablet everywhere, this gift will be greatly appreciated and keep his tablet protected and dust-free! This is a beautifully simple, but very smart pocket sleeve made with a strip of denim and lined with soft felt. Alternatively, select a quirky lining fabric that will make your dad smile, such as our retro stripes or tropical island cottons. The tablet slides into the pocket sleeve and the flap cover is secured with a specialist denim button. The tech sleeve can be made to fit any piece of your dad’s tech from a mini tablet to a laptop. 

denim tech sleeve

6: Clay Pinch Bowl

This is another fun project for adults and children alike that can be personalised to your Dad’s character. With a wide, flat base and shallow rim, this is a handy, catch-all bowl for anthing from house keys to keepsakes or household gadgets. Before you start, think about your design - you can make a stencil of something about your Dad, be it a hobby, his name or a special message and press into the clay. Otherwise, you might want to paint a message or design a unique pattern to paint the bowl. To make the bowl, pinch and shape oven-bake clay into the desired size for your bowl. Bake to the manufacturer’s instructions and then paint and decorate the bowl using acrylic paint. This gift will be your Dad’s own personal place, to hold his knick-knacks, mementos and essential items.

7: Credit Card Holder

This smart, nifty little gift will be so useful for many Dads. Again, you can make it truly unique to your Dad, by selecting some colourful fabrics or more minimalist with a classic denim. Pick two contrasting cottons, one for the outside and one for the lining, each cut into a strip with a diagonal corner cut at each end. The strips are bonded together, and folded to create three pockets. The middle pocket will hold credit cards, with the outer pockets for notes and business cards. Use our iron on lamifix film to make the fabric wipe clean.

8: Map Coasters

This distinctive gift is great for the well-travelled, adventurous Dad. Pick four of your Dad’s favourite places that he has travelled to and find an OS map detail of each place. Take four circular cork coasters and cut a matching circle from your maps for each coaster. Apply to the cork and then add a film finish to protect the map coasters. This simple gift will help to keep your Dad’s adventures alive! Not to mention, they’ll provide a great talking point over drinks with family and friends! 

9: DIY Pre-Shave Oil

For the dapper Dad who likes his grooming products, how about a homemade pre-shave oil using essentials oils. Pre-shave oils prepare his skin for shaving and keep his face feeling silky soft and smooth afterwards. Pick an elegant bottle and create a homemade label, or decorate the bottle with paint. Then make the pre-shave oil, by combining olive oil with grapeseed oil and adding a few drops of an essential oil. Be sure to follow a recipe, to ensure the quantities are correct and safe for your Dad to use on his skin. This lovely gift will leave your Dad feeling that little bit more pampered every morning!

Homemade pre-shave oil top 10 Father's Day gifts

10: Scribble mug

This simple, fun gift idea can be ideal for toddlers and young children to make! Start with a white ceramic mug, then use sticky stencil letters and shapes to decorate the mug. Next, let your children scribble over the mug, using some colourful paint pens ensuring the stickers stay in place and most of the white space is covered! Once they have finished, remove the stickers to leave the silhouetted letters and shapes across the mug. A colourful, fun idea that will bring a smile to your Dad’s face over a morning cup of coffee!

We hope our Top 10 handmade Father’s Day gift ideas have given you some inspiration. We’re sure he’ll love these ideas as much as you’ll love making them! Head to our website for a wealth of craft, fabric and haberdashery items to help you make the perfect gift for your Dad this Father’s Day.

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