Our Best Easter Craft Ideas For Adults And Children!

Easter is a great time of year to get creative and there is a vast array of craft ideas and activities to suit grown-up and mini makers alike. We love an opportunity to get crafty and especially love ideas that can keep little ones amused or add a touch of seasonal cheer to our home decor. 

We have curated our best Easter craft ideas to share with you and there is something here for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy creative project for an Easter afternoon or want to spend a little longer making a centrepiece for your Easter table, we hope the following ideas inspire your Easter crafting activities!

Bespoke Bunny Ear Napkins Rings

If you’re sitting down together for a meal over Easter - be it a high tea or a traditional roast - decorating the table with some cute Bunny Ear napkin rings will add a finishing flourish to the festivities! 

Here is a simple project idea that is great for children. Using a narrow cardboard roll, create a band for your napkins by cutting to the desired width and cover with white, pale pink, grey or light brown felt (our super soft felt squares are ideal for this). Next, cut 2 felt bunny ear shapes per napkin holder, then 2 small bunny ear shapes for the inner ear. Our sticky back felt is perfect for the inner ear shapes. Cut a strip of card for each ear, about 6 cms long - this needs to be strong enough to keep your bunny ears in place and attached to the napkin roll. Layer each bunny ear with a larger shape, followed by the card (with about 2 cms sticking out at the end, followed by the small inner ear shape. Either glue all pieces together or, if you’re using the sticky back felt, remove the backing and stick onto the larger ear. Finally, bend the cardboard feet from each ear to a right angle and then glue the ears to each napkin roll. Cover the cardboard with small pieces of felt and, voila! Your adorable Bunny Ear napkin rings are ready to take centre stage on your Easter table!

Scrap Fabric Easter Wreath

A wreath isn’t just for Christmas - it can be a beautiful decoration at any time of year, just by adjusting the materials and colours. A wreath brings cheer to your doorstep or can make a lovely wall hanging over the Easter period. This can take a little time, but it is a straight-forward project that children will love so why not make it a family effort?

Start with a wire wreath frame, selecting a size suitable for your door or wall. Remember, the larger the wreath, the more fabric strips you’ll need! Next select your fabrics - we love a mix n’match theme for this, such as florals and polka dots. It adds to the homemade, vintage look and feel of an Easter scrap fabric wreath. However, we recommend that you break up your prints and colours with some muslin strips too, as this adds volume quite cheaply and enhances the homespun effect.

Cut lots of strips of fabric, about 2 cms wide by about 18 cms in length. Once you have finished cutting the fabric, we recommend scrunching and rolling the pieces in your palm - this will distress the fabric and fray the ends for that perfect shabby chic look! Then simply start tying the fabric strips to your wreath, knotting each strip in the middle so the frayed ends start to create a fringe of fabric around your wreath. Ensure you keep mixing your fabrics, so the colours and prints are balanced throughout. The fabric strips should be packed tightly to create volume. Once finished, you can even add some painted eggs, tie ribbon bows or add pom-poms to embellish your wreath even further! A beautiful project for the whole family to enjoy!

Simple Fabric Easter Eggs

That’s right - we can even use our favourite fabrics to make Easter eggs. These are great for individual table settings or as tree hangings, and are very straight-forward to make so older children would also enjoy this project! And, if you’re on a roll, a selection of small fabric eggs, with each child’s initial, will make a great addition to the Easter Egg hunt.
Start with a single cotton fabric or two contrasting prints. Select a fabric Easter egg template (there are free templates available online to download) and cut four pieces of fabric to the template size. Next place two pieces together, with the back of fabric on the outside and sew the pieces along one semi-circle edge to create a pocket. Repeat this step with the other two pieces, so you have two fabric pockets. Now, pin the two pockets together to create your egg shape and sew the seams together, leaving a 2 cm gap at the base of one seam. Turn your fabric egg inside out, so the front of the fabric is now on the outside and carefully stuff your egg with wadding. This will take a little time and you want the eggs to feel full and firm. Once complete, sew the small gap in the seam and you have your very own, pretty-perfect fabric Easter eggs!

Easter Bunny Treat bags

A great alternative to a boxed chocolate egg at Easter and so easy to make! 

You can download a free bunny treat bag template or easily make you own. To make your own, draw a square, adding two long bunny ears to the top of the square. However, leave a 4 cms gap between the two ears - this needs to be wide enough to slot the treats into the bag and for little fingers to reach into the bag!

Cut two pieces of your chosen felt to the template size. If you’re a fan of embroidery, you can embroider bunny eyes and nose on the front of one of the sides or glue a card nose & whiskers. Next, sew your felt pieces together, ensuring you stop after the ears, to allow a gap at the top of the bag. Add your chosen treats and finally tie the top of the bag with ribbon or colourful string. A treat bag that will delight the children as much as the contents do!!

Easter Bunny Ears Headband

For adults as well as children, these cute bunny ears will be an adorable accessory to your Easter celebrations!

Start by cutting a 50 cms length of bias binding, in your chosen colour and stitch along the long side of the binding to form a casing. Fold the casing in half and put a pin in the centre to mark the middle of the casing. Feed an extra wide, 30 cms long pipe cleaner in one end of the casing, stopping at the centre, then feed a second pipe cleaner from the other side. Remove the pin, twist the open ends of the pipe cleaners together and shape into a bunny ear. Repeat these steps for the second bunny ear.

To finish, wrap your bunny ears around your headband and tightly wrap the band in bias binding. You will have a stunning pair of bunny ears! You can customise your ears even further by adding printed fabric or lace to the back of your ears.

Painted Easter egg activity

Painted Easter Eggs

Whilst painting Easter eggs has long been a classic Easter activity, we’ve found some brilliant new twists to get your creative ideas flowing! This is a perfect Easter craft for all ages.

Start by dying your hard-boiled eggs. We suggested using a food colouring, vinegar and water solution, as this gives a great finished effect. You can find instructions online for more details. Once the dye has dried, embellish your eggs with your chosen paint effect. For pretty speckled eggs, dip a coarse, dry sponge into metallic paint and gently pat randomly across the egg, keeping the application spotted and light. Use a band of lace or loosely woven fabric to create a pretty stencil effect. Paint the lace or fabric and then press around the middle of the egg to create a pretty band. We also love using string to twist and criss-cross around the centre of the egg. Tie the string, whilst you blot more paint over the top. Once dried, remove the string to reveal a beautiful cross-hatched effect underneath. Easter eggs have never looked so elegant and will make a striking table centrepiece or table setting!

Easter Bunny Garland

This Easter activity couldn’t be easier and can be adapted to makers of all ages. Start with a bunny template (you can find free templates online) and cut out a selection of colourful card bunnies for your garland. We recommend using a mix of plain and printed card to make your Easter bunny garland that much more adorable. Alternatively, if you have someone who is partial to sparkle, why not add some of our glitter felt colours too! Next, make the bunny tails using a small pom pom maker and a selection of yarn to match the colour palette of your garland. Finally, attach the pom pom bunny tails to your bunnies and then glue the bunnies to a piece of craft string, so they hang by their ears. A perfect wall hanging for the dining room, child’s room or nursery - you just won’t want to take it down!

Painted Easter Treat Jars

This is a great Easter afternoon activity for the whole family. Use some simple glass jars with plain lids, such as a mason jar, and transform them into Easter chick and bunny treat jars. 

To make the chick jar, lightly paint the jar with our yellow glitter paint then use our foam sheets to make little orange chick feet and a beak to attach to the jar. To make the bunny, lightly cover the jar with white metallic paint, then cut the foam sheets into bunny ear shapes, attach to the lid and then a pom pom bunny tail to the back of the jar. You can add googly eyes and card whiskers to complete your bunny. Fill the jars with your little one’s favorite treats - from miniature toys and stationary items to homemade biscuits or treats. Whatsmore, their treat jars make perfect storage for all their small knick knacks afterwards.

We hope these ideas have given you plenty of inspiration to get crafting this Easter! We always love to see what our customers have been making, so please share with us on our Instagram page.

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