Our Top 10 Handmade Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Looking For Handmade Gift Ideas For Mother's Day?

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we have been searching for great homemade gift ideas to make the day that little bit more special for our Mums. Whether you want to involve the little ones in your creation or you are looking for a unique project that will delight your Mum, we think this neat list will provide some helpful inspiration!

1: Handmade make-up & brushes wrap bag

Many of us find ourselves cramming make-up and brushes into one large bag, only to be rooting around to find what we need! How about a pretty, light-weight make-up wrap bag with neat storage compartments, to keep brushes protected and make-up organised? A make-up wrap bag can be made quite simply with strips of fabric and finished with co-ordinating bias-binding. An additional narrower length of fabric is sewn on top, with narrow pockets made to accommodate brushes, pencils and lip colours. You can add a wider zip pocket at one end for eye shadows, foundations and small bottles. The wrap bag is rolled & tied by ribbon for carrying and when in use, can be easily hung by a loop at one end. You can select your Mum’s favourite colours, textures and prints - either using one overall fabric or co-ordinating different colours and prints for a standout piece. Take a look at our stunning range of cotton poplin fabrics for ideas. A small wrap bag will be handy for work, going out or a post-gym touch up whereas a larger bag will be perfect for overnight travels.

2: Sleep mask

Whether for travel or at home to get those much needed zzzz’s, a sleep mask is always useful to have on hand. However, as Audrey Hepburn demonstrated in Breakfast At Tiffany’s - a sleep mask can also look elegant! Sleep masks can be double-sided, providing both fabrics are suitably soft, so how about mixing & matching plains and printed fabric? Or even two complementary prints, such as stripes and florals? Add a co-ordinating bias-binding to the edge, along with matching elastic and your sleep mask is complete! A project to make your Mum (as well as Audrey) proud!

3: An Apron for all purposes!

Aprons are a very useful household item and often overlooked outside of the kitchen. A utility-style apron, with added pockets can be very useful for gardening, as well as creative projects like painting & pottery, whereas a waist apron can be perfect for baking. An apron can be double-sided, using printed and plain fabrics and, by making your own, you can design suitable pockets to suit your Mum’s hobbies. Match your fabric choice to the style of apron - a light-weight denim or chambray will finish off a classic, utility-style piece or pretty prints will add flair to a pocket apron. If your Mum loves embroidery, then how about our beautiful Sashiko apron kit with everything you need to produce a pretty, embroidered apron.

Handmade apron

4: Personalised Fabric Luggage label

We love this idea for our Mums - it is quick to make and will ensure your Mum’s luggage stands out on the luggage carousel for all the right reasons! Simply cut two pieces of fabric to the size & label shape you need and then use some iron-on vinyl to protect the fabric. Next, adhere 2 pieces of fusible interfacing to the back of the fabric, adding a shorter vinyl piece to the front of the label to create a pocket and sew both pieces of fabric together. Punch a hole at the top of the label to attach a matching ribbon. You can add your Mum’s initials with fabric letters or embroidered letters to personalize the labels.

5: Fabric cards

Everyone loves a handmade card and, with the right materials, they can be very straight-forward to make and personalized to celebrate your Mum’s favourite things - whether its a cup of tea, some flowers or favorite pet. Design your image based on simple shapes, then cut pieces of fabric into the shapes required and sew onto the card. You can add buttons, ribbon and string to your finish design & create a pretty card that your Mum will keep forever.

6: Hand Painted Cloth Napkins

Unique handmade napkins will add flair and character to a special meal. Using plain linen or cotton squares, decorate the material using fabric paint. Use a fan brush to create loose lines or a potato or lino stencil for strong, graphic shapes and patterns. You could even add a matching table runner or fabric place mats to complete the table decoration.

7: Fabric flower pin

Fabric flower pins look stunning & elegant, but are surprisingly quick & easy to make. Find a tutorial online with a template you can download. Select a fabric with your Mum’s favourite print or colour and follow the tutorial’s easy steps. A floral pin can be used as a brooch, attached to a hair clip or added to your handmade Mother’s Day card.

8: Fabric Shopping bag

A reusable fabric shopping bag is a must-have for everyone. Whether your Mum needs a useful tote for popping to the shops or a classic bag with handles, we have plenty of fabrics and handles for this project. Why not mix and match the fabric and lining prints to make a reversible tote bag, so your Mum has a choice of styles? Or even pick a plain cotton and decorate with fabric paint?


Handmade fabric tote bag

9: Mason jar of treats, decorated with glass paint

This is a great project to do with children and ideal if you’re short on time. Find a good size Mason jar, that will be practical for future use. Decorate the jar with patterns and messages, using glass paint - you could draw flowers and use painted fingerprints as the petals. Fill the jar with a pick n’ mix of your mum’s favourite things - beauty miniatures, favourite biscuits & chocolate, special tea bags, nail colours.. The list is endless! Once finished, your mum can reuse the jar for flowers, storing cereals, pickles or bath salts… for years to come!

10: Covered wooden letters

The perfect idea for your Mum’s office or workspace! Decorate MDF letters of her initials or first name with coloured yarn, fabric, paints or even washi tape. A great project for little ones to help with and most definitely something to brighten any work day or office space!

Good luck with your handmade projects! We would love you to share your results with us at: https://www.instagram.com/hotpinkhaberdashery/

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