Idea for Felt Christmas Decorations

Christmas is just around the corner (just over a month to go!) so now is definitely the time to start prepping for the craziest but most lovely time of the year. 

Sustainability and the environment has been the hot topic on the lips of politicians, scientists, the media and a lot of the British public this year. As you’ve probably seen across the news, magazines and your social newsfeeds, amongst other actions people are encouraging us all to take to help improve the state of our world, one of the big talking points is how to have a more sustainable Christmas this year. 

It’s not going to come as a surprise to anyone that Christmas is one of the worst times of the year for waste. Wrapping paper, plastic packaging, unwanted presents, clothes, food, drink and decorations all go into the bin and then to landfill or to be burnt. Whilst this is a battle that cannot be won quickly and easily, there are easy ways that us individuals can make changes to our lifestyles that will help - and we want to help you start with haberdashery… 

This year, we want to inspire you to make all your own Christmas decorations; from Christmas tree to table centre pieces. Creating your own Christmas decorations is a lovely and personal way to adorn your home in festive cheer so we’re going to give you some ideas!

Felt is highly fashionable in the arts and crafts world at the moment. This year, sales for ready-made felt decorations have soared, as have felt materials for those wanting to make their own felt decorations. We’re of course falling into the latter group and have loved to see how many of you are interested in purchasing our beautiful felt. Because of this, we’re going to offer your some inspiration on what Christmas decorations you can make from felt.


Felt Baubles 
Simple, yet highly effective, felt baubles make a pretty and cosy addition to any Christmas tree. By making these yourself, you can create the exact design you want and make as many little additions to it as you like. One fantastic feature about felt is how easy it is to sew so to make your baubles look extra festive, add sequins, beads or ribbons - get as creative as you like with making your ideal bauble! 

Snowflake Chain 
Wish as we may for a white Christmas, we’re not always that lucky so create your own snowy Christmas by making a felt snowflake chain instead! Rather than spending a lot of time cutting out individual snowflake designs (which of course you can), we think it’s more effective to sew your snowflake design onto a padded red heart to create a strong contrast that is also warming. Then, use string or ribbon depending on the look you want to go for to tie each individual snowflake heart to each other and hang wherever you want!

Stocking Tree Decorations
A lovely, classic decoration that you can make multiple versions of using different designs and place sporadically around your tree. Depending on your level of sewing skill, you can even sew on names or Christmas phrases to make them even more special and personal to you. 


Holly and Berry Table Decoration
Create a festive holly and berry felt table decoration (or decorations depending on what size you make it/them) that can take pride of place either on just Christmas day or in the time leading up to it! Simply cut out your holly leaves from green felt using a an easy pattern and then make little round red felt berries. You can then sew these designs together making them as big or little as you would like.

Christmas Puddings Tree Decorations
They may not be everyone’s favourite sweet treat on Christmas day but the certainly make very cute Christmas tree decorations! Easily made out of just three bits of different felt, simply cut your brown felt into a big circle, shape your white felt into dripping icing and top with a little round circle berry for a quaint little Christmas pudding! These are easy to imitate so why not create a little set?

Pinecone and Felt Angels
You don’t have to make all your decorations purely out of felt but use it as as part of your DIY Christmas decorations which is exactly what we recommend you do here! Find a selection of pinecones (preferably quite little ones) that you can add a head to using a painted ping pong ball and craft some beautiful, magical wings using our glitter felt. Similarly, you can make little people in the same style rather than angels and either use the pine cone body idea or make them completely from felt!


Festive wording
Whatever word you most associate with Christmas, say it with felt! We recommend using a pattern to ensure all your lettering is the same size and style - you can even use our sticky back felt and cut around it when it’s on the paper/cardboard to make it super easy. You can then hang this on a wall of your choice either using string/ribbon to attach them together or leave them separate.

Christmas Tree Door Hangers
We personally don’t see the point in putting Christmas trees on a Christmas trees so we suggest making felt Christmas trees that can be hung on door handles to add festive cheer to every room! We don’t suggest this for bedroom doors but for other doors, add little bells as baubles so that they ring when someone comes in. 


If you do use any of our above ideas, please make sure to get in contact and send us some photos! Happy felting...

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