How to Turn your Garden into a Haberdashery Heaven this Summer

I know we keep saying it, but we’re so excited by the fact that summer is just around the corner that we’re going to say it again…

We’ve been teased by the flashes of sunlight, tempted by the rare warm evenings and been tantalised by the smell of barbecue wafting over the neighbour’s fence... We’re so ready for the fully fledged British summer to make its appearance.

In preparation for the summer months, we’ve decided to give you a list of ideas of how you can decorate your garden to turn it into a haberdashery garden!

Being able to sit out and enjoy your garden is basically impossible in Britain during the winter, which is why it’s especially important to make the most of your outdoor space in the summer.

 So, what can you do to make it extra special, personal and pretty for you and your guests? Here we have put together a list of lovely ideas that will turn your garden into a little outdoor haberdashery heaven.

So without furtherado:

Rock Painting

This may sounds simple and not very haberdashery-esque, but painting rocks to put in your garden are a really fun and easy way to liven up your flower beds, flower pots, or to have as a centrepiece for your garden table. You can create anything from ladybirds to caterpillars, flowers to the sun and sign-posts to detailed animal pictures (depending on how far you can stretch your artistic ability!).



Simple, but beautiful and a real safe go-to from us here at Hot Pink! Use some of our patchwork squares to craft your own bunting in any style that you want. It can be placed basically anywhere in the garden that you want: benches, along tables, in trees, across a gazebo etc. Homemade bunting is always a very pretty addition to any space, inside or out!


Cushion Covers

Whether you’re looking to make cushion covers for existing cushions from outdoor furniture or want to dress up a non-upholstered piece, we say go for it! Personalisation of furniture is always a good idea in our books! If you’re making new covers for existing outdoor cushions, make sure to do your measurements carefully before embarking on your project. 

Go as wild or as tame as you like with your cushion covers but we do recommend something floral and bright so that it stands out in your garden. Always remember to take your cushions back in with you or store in a shed when you’re not using them, as finding soaking wet and ruined handmade cushions is very disheartening!


Decorated Fairy Lights

 Lighting is key for atmosphere, which is exactly what you want to create for an evening in the garden. Rather than just stringing fairy lights up outside, why not try adding something a little special to them?

We recommend creating fabric designs to go around each individual bulb. These can be in the style of flowers, fairies, butterflies, dragonflies, fruits, a block colour, hearts etc. Go crazy with your ideas! Just watch out for the fire hazard…


Drink Accessories

For when you make your signature cocktail, several litres of Pimms or have a bottle bubbly in the garden, drink accessories are a super cute and creative way to make the drinks you offer your guests even more lovely.

Try making your own drink umbrellas out of fabric and cocktail sticks or create drink identifier rings that your guests pop on the bottom of their glass (only works on glasses with a stem!) so that they know they’re theirs. You can even make a cover for your Pimms jug or punch bowl to stop any annoying insects from sacrificing their lives for your delicious drink!



We hope these have given you some inspiration on how you can jazz up your garden this summer without breaking the bank and having a lot of fun at the same time!

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