How to Prep your Home for Spring with help from Haberdashery

The unseasonably warm weather and prolonged periods of February sunshine have got us springing into action and looking ahead to possibly the loveliest season of the year. Spring inspires pastel colours and floral designs which we intend to use as signposts for all of our gorgeous haberdashery projects we’re starting coming into the next season. 

As usual, we’ve collated a little guide of inspiration and ideas that you can use to start moving your home out of its winter state and into a little spring haven where you can start to see in the earlier sunrises and later evenings.

One very easy way to bring the feeling of spring into your home is through colour. In winter we tend to opt for dark, warm and rich shades that whilst may help us feel cosy in the cold months, are not what we want in spring. By changing the colour of small items in your home or adding spring colours to things that don’t usually have colour, you can easily create a spring vibe:

Paint a vase
A perfect example of how to simply add spring colours to your home is to get your hands on a cheap vase and some acrylic enamel paint. This is a great little project to do with kids too so pick your design, your spring colours and start cracking with creating your personalised spring vase. Once finished, these look fantastic on a window sill where the light can shine through them and make them glow. Add some of your favourite spring flowers to the vase and bring the scent and look of spring into your home


Pastel bucket as vase
In the same vein, you can also use other objects you already have as vases to create an ‘outdoor indoor’ feel. One of the main perks of spring in the UK is being able to open your windows and doors to let the outdoors come indoors again after months of keeping nature and your home separate. Whilst your garden or other outdoor space begins to bloom, be sure to reflect this inside by taking a bucket (old or new) and either painting the metal if the bucket isn’t already a pastel shade, cleaning it thoroughly and then placing flowers into it. Use this bucket as brilliantly authentic rustic piece of decor that showcases your chosen spring flowers


Sweet jars with ribbons
In-between the chocolatey period of Christmas, the detoxing attempts of January and the chocolate egg excitement of Easter, we believe the beginning of spring is the time to have sweets in the house. Give cocoa a break and use the colourfulness of sweets to add a sense of spring to your home whilst also offering you, the family and your friends the option to dip into the sweet jar whenever they fancy. The great thing about sweet jars is that they look and taste great so when picking which sweets to put into your display jar, we recommend ones that have a mixture of bright and pastel colours (preferably hard boiled in clear wrappers) that will yet more effortless spring colours into your home whilst also providing practical usage! To make your jars an even stronger decoration, find a ribbon that matches the colour scheme of the sweets in the jar. You can pick form our selection of ribbon colours to find your perfect one!


Egg shells in a bowl 
Still using colour as our guide, you’ll need more paint for this idea too! With spring of course comes Easter. Whilst we still have a little while until we cover our houses in bunnies, chocolate eggs and baby chicks, this idea is eggy enough to last until Easter but is also completely acceptable as a spring decoration on its own! To do this, you will need around a dozen eggs (you’re bound to have a couple of mistakes!) that need to be drained. Use a thin pin to pierce the top of the egg and leave upside down over a bowl until completely drained. Rinse the egg and then leave to dry for around 3 hours before attempting to paint. Duck egg blue is a fantastic colour for your eggs and once they’ve dried, you can put them into a bowl to display on the kitchen table, coffee table or on some shelves

Change up your cushion covers
A trick as old as time… (or at least as old as changeable cushion covers!). Here at Hot Pink Haberdashery, we often talk about making your own cushion covers and how incredibly easy it is to change the whole look of your decor with this simple change. Whilst there are selection of ways to make cushion covers, we recommend using this method which is the envelope cushion cover. This simple way means that you can make multiple cushion covers in a short space of time so not only does it allow you to change your cushion covers on your beds and sofas seasonally but as often as you like! We have a fantastic selection of spring themed material for you to pick from to make your spring cushion covers and bring pastels, neutrals and florals to all corners of your home whilst making you and your guests super comfy!



Create your own abstract art
We believe there’s nothing better than creating spring home decor from scratch - especially if you can involve your kiddies in it too! We have some beautiful and fun creative foam in a range of spring colours that we recommend you and your children get stuck into to create pieces of spring abstract art that can be framed and displayed throughout the season. To help inspire them (and you) why not create abstracts of flowers starting to grow in your garden or on your street? These mixtures of colours and shapes will make for incredibly interesting visual pieces, especially with the 3D effect of the creative foam. Our foam is easy to cut and easy to stick and look fantastic when framed!


We hope we've given you some ideas on how to prep your home for spring and as always, let us know if you've tried any of our ideas! 

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