How to Make your own Homemade Baby Bloomers

Summer is just around the corner and for those of you with (very) little ones, you might be starting to think about their adorable summer wardrobe. 

Sometimes it can feel a little fruitless buying expensive baby clothes that you know your cute little bubba will be growing out of in a matter of weeks (no matter how beautiful they are!). This summer, we want to help you make some of your own baby clothes to not only help save you money, but to add an even more personal touch to your baby's wardrobe! 

So, let’s get going on making our very own homemade baby bloomers!

What you’ll need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Pins or binder clips
  • Scissors
  • 46cm of fabric (we suggest cotton fabric)
  • 92cm of fold-over elastic

Cut the Pattern and Elastic
Once you’ve found your pattern, cut it out in your desired size, fold the fabric in half and then cut two bloomer pieces at the same time. After you’ve done this, cut your elastic to the right shape:
- 0-6 months: Cut 16”x3/4” for the waistband and then two 8-1/2” pieces for the leg band
- 6-12 months: Cut one 17”x1/4” piece for the waistband and then two 9-1”/4” pieces for the leg band

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Pin the Elastic
Let the shaping being! To start with, pin one leg band elastic piece to the bottom of one of the bloomer pieces. Then, pin the upper edge of the fold-over elastic to the bottom edge of the bloomer on the opposite side of fabric. After this, pin the middle of the elastic to the middle of the bottom of the bloomer and pin the sides of the elastic to the side edges of the bloomer. You should see here that the elastic is a lot shorter than the bloomer bottom

Sew the Elastic
The second part of preparing the elastic is to sew it! Start at one edge of the bottom of the bloomer and use a straight stitch to sew the elastic to the fabric. Then, pull the elastic as you sew so that it is the same length as the bloomer - this should leave the fabric edge in the middle of the elastic. Sew until you reach the other end of the bloomer and be sure to remove the pins as you sew!

Pin the Elastic 2.0
Here, you need to fold the elastic over to the front to cover up your sewn line, then pin in various places to secure

Sew the Elastic 2.0
Once all pinned securely, you need to use a zigzag stitch to secure it; once again, pull the elastic as you sew

Sew, Pin, Sew Repeat
Repeat this process again for the second bloomer piece and leg band elastic

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Pin Pieces Together
Place the bloomer pieces right sides together, matching up all side edges. Then, pin the curved front and back seams together and sew using a 1/2” seam allowance. Here you can finish the seam if you want, with a serger, zigzag stitch or pinking shears

Pin Bottom Together
Turn the bloomers so that the front and back seams are on the top and bottom, and press. Pin the bottom leg seam, still with right sides together, and sew using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Again, finish seam if desired with a serger, zigzag stitch or pinking shears

Turn them the Right Side Out
Turn them the right side out and your bloomers should be starting to take shape! All you need to do now is to add the waistband…

Pin the Elastic to the Top
Start by overlapping the ends of the waistband elastic by 1/2” and then pin the overlapped ends along the top edge of the back seam on the bloomers, on the wrong side of the fabric. Pin the elastic in various places around the top of the bloomers, such as the front seam and sides

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Attach the Waistband
Attach the waistband in the same manner as you did the leg bands. Start at the back of the overlapped elastic; sew with a straight stitch, pulling the elastic as you go so that it is the same length as the bloomers. Continue until you make it all the way around the waistband

Cover the Sewn Line
To give your bloomers a beautiful and professional finish, fold over the elastic towards the front so that it covers up your previous sewn line. Now pin and sew using a zigzag stitch. Once again, pull the elastic so that it is the same length as the fabric as you sew

And they’re finished! Ready to put on your baby or to give as a gift. Well done!

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