How To Make A Pom Pom

How To Make A Pom Pom

Pom pom making has become a much loved craft – they add a fun pop of colour to all kinds of projects as well as creating unique crafts, such as pom pom garlands, rugs and wreaths. Making pom poms is simple and easy to do and so appeals to seasoned crafters and young makers alike. Once you’ve mastered pom pom making – you’ll have no end of fun creating these beautiful balls of yarn! As pom poms are so versatile, the projects for pom pom making are limitless – you can add pom poms to everything from fashion accessories & soft furnishings to home decor and bespoke pom pom wall art!

The beauty of making your own pom poms is that you can choose the perfect colour and style of yarn to match your projects. You can decide on the design of your pieces too – for example adding jumbo pom poms to the corners of a cushion or decorating it with a trim of  mini pom poms. You can choose to match or contrast the colours – the world of pom pom making is truly your oyster!

how to make a pom pom

Pom pom makers will help your projects to be even quicker & easier to do. With a pom pom making kit your little yarn balls will be consistent in size and fluffiness – ensuring the perfect results every time! Don’t worry if you’re new to pom pom making – our fab collection of pom pom makers will guide you through the craft and help you master the craft in no time!

Start your pom pom project by selecting the right size pom pom maker for your needs – we stock all sizes from extra small to extra large pom pom makers. Not sure what size will be best? No problem – we also sell handy multi-packs of pom pom makers so you can test the ideal size for your project (as well as giving you plenty of options for your next pom pom projects!) 

how to make a pom pom

Find Your Ideal Yarn For Pom Pom Making

Once you have your pom pom maker, choose the style and colour of yarn to suit your plans. Consider how you’d like your pom poms to look, for example an aran weight wool will produce thick fluffy pom poms whereas a 4 ply yarn will be heavier and therefore droop a little more. Many pom pom crafters love a soft, single ply yarn to produce fluffy & fuzzy pom poms and a silk mix, single ply yarn lends a pretty sheen to your lovely little pom pom balls! Of course, experimenting is part of the fun of making your own crafts so try some different yarns to find your favourite!

pom pom making kits, Clover pom pom makers

How To Use A Pom Pom Maker

Using a pom pom making kit couldn’t be easier and once you’re feeling confident, you’ll want to experiment with pom pom making for all kinds of projects! Here’s our quick guide to how to use a pom pom maker.

1: Using a circular pom pom maker, such as one of these brilliant Clover pom pom making kits, ensure the two halves of the pom pom maker are aligned and locked, then unfold the arms.

2: Evenly wrap your chosen yarn around one side of the semi-circles until the yarn fills the middle hole, taking care not to overfill the centre or wrap any yarn around the flat ends of the pom pom maker. Want to make pom poms with two colours? Simply take 2 pieces of yarn, hold together and wrap around your pom pom maker at the same time!

3: Once you’ve filled one side, close the completed side of the pom pom maker and pull the yarn through the centre gap to wrap around the opposite side.

4: When the second semi-circle is fully wrapped, close the two arches together and snip the loose end of your yarn.

5: Using a smaller sized, sharp pair of scissors, such as these Milward sewing scissors, cut the yarn all the way around the centre gap of each arch. These scissors will also be handy for snipping any little loose ends once you’ve completed your pom pom.

6: Next, take a spare piece of yarn and thread around the centre gap of your pom pom maker to make a ‘belt’, pulling it tight and then tying in a double knot to secure your pom pom. You can leave the ends of the yarn loose for hanging or attaching to your project.

7: Now, comes the fun part – the big reveal! Open each arch of your pom pom maker and then pull both sides apart.

8: Ta-da!! In just a few minutes your pom pom maker has created the perfect pom pom - it's that easy! Don’t just take our word for it – check out Red Ted Art’s “Clover Pom Pom Maker Tutorial” video to see how to use a pom pom maker and how quick these pom pom making kits really are!

How To make a pom pom

How To Make A Pom Pom Hat

It’s super simple to attach a handmade pom pom to a woolly hat so why not upcycle your winter hat with a fun, colourful pom pom!

1: Pick the perfect yarn for your pom pom, considering the weight & colour of your yarn to match your hat and then follow our guide above ‘how to use a pom pom maker’ to make your pom poms.

2: Using a tapestry needle, such as one of our Milward hand sewing tapestry needles, take a piece of your yarn that matches your pom pom & thread through the eye of your needle.

3: Pull the thread under the central ‘belt’ of your pom pom and position your pom pom in the ideal spot on top of your hat.

4: Thread the needle through a couple of the stitches on your woolly hat. Pull the yarn through the pom pom belt again, then through another couple of stitches in your hat.

5: Finally, tie your yarn in a tight double knot to secure your pom pom to your hat. And voila! Your extra special pom pom hat is complete – bring on the cold weather!!

How To make a pom pom

How To Make A Pom Pom Garland

Is there anything that adds more cheer to a room than a pom pom garland? Whether you’re making a pom pom garland for Easter or Christmas, with a seasonal colour palette, or as a pretty piece for a bedroom or mantelpiece – a pom pom garland is a quick, enjoyable project to make!

1: To make your pom pom garland, plan your colour palette for your chosen yarns – you could choose a couple of complementary colours or a mix of similar tones.

2: Next, decide where your garland is going to be positioned in your room to plan the length. We recommend using a narrow piece of string or cord for your length of garland, such as our 2mm Baker’s twine or our 1mm bamboo cord. Cut your length of cord allowing a little extra for the garland to hang and position in the room to ensure you’re happy with the length.

3: Wondering how many pom poms you’ll need for your pom pom garland? We recommend about 13 medium pom poms for a 150cm length garland. Just increase the number of pom poms for extra small sizes and decrease the number of pom poms for extra large sizes.

4: Next, follow our ‘how to use a pom pom maker’ guide above to make your pom poms.

5: Thread your cord through a tapestry needle, then start pulling through the centre of your pom poms. If you want to knot your pom poms in place as you go, mark your cord first with the spot for each pom pom. Otherwise you can simply thread your pom poms onto your cord then space evenly. Providing the central belts are tied tightly on your pom poms, they should easily stay in place.

6: And your beautiful pom pom garland is finished in just a handful of simple steps! Now hang your garland in pride of place and enjoy!! Clever Poppy has some useful step-by-step photographs showing how to make a pom pom garland.

How To Make A Pom Pom Wreath

A pom pom wreath is a great way to add a piece of handmade craft to your walls and create a cheerful centrepiece in your home. It’s a fairly quick and simple project to do, that will give you hours of enjoyment long after you’ve completed it! This project works with pom pom makers of different sizes, as well as multi-pack pom pom making kits such as our Groves set of 4 pom pom makers. The beauty of using a pom pom making kit is that you can vary the sizes of your pom poms on your pom pom wreath to make it look truly effective. Choosing a variety of colours as well as mixing the sizes of your pom poms will really maximise its impact and make your pom pom wreath a work of wall art! Here’s our quick & easy steps to making your very own pom pom wreath:

1: Choose your colour palette – consider whether you want to match the colours of a room & soft furnishings or, if you’re planning a seasonal piece, whether you’re creating a new colour palette. You might want to mix 2-3 contrasting colours or a few more that are a similar tone. If you’re planning on using different pom pom sizes, think about how many colours you need in each size.

2: Next, plan your wreath. Take your wreath base and calculate approximately how many pom poms you’ll need for your wreath. Then divide this number between your different sizes and different colours.

3: Follow our ‘How to use a pom pom maker’ step-by-step guide to make your pom poms. When you tie the middle belt around your pom poms, leave the ends loose as you’ll tie your pom poms to the wreath.

4: Once you have your pom poms ready, it's time to start assembling your pom pom wreath! It’s worth placing your pom poms loosely on your wreath to plan where each will go before you attach them. This way you can ensure the colours and sizes are balanced all the way around. If you’re using a mix of sizes, place the larger poms poms on the base and the smaller sizes on the top level of your wreath.

5: Start with your larger pom poms first and tie each one around your wreath base. Use a spot of glue to secure the balls in place. Repeat this step with all your pom poms, building the wreath and securing the balls to create a 3D spectacle of colourful yarns!

6: And there you go – you’ve completed your pom pom wreath!! Now all that remains is to hang your pom pom wreath in pride of place for everyone to enjoy.

How To Make A Pom Pom Rug

A pom pom rug is an ingenious way to create a gorgeous & affordable rug for a bedroom. It's a beautifully soft rug that babies and young children will especially enjoy sitting or lying on in their rooms and would make a lovely gift for newborns or for a little one’s birthday.

1: Start by planning your colour palette and pom pom sizes. For a pom pom rug large and extra large pom poms will be ideal and, of course, you can mix & match these sizes on your pom pom rug. You might want some lovely soft tones, with a few pops of colour or a brighter mix of contrasting colourful pom poms.

2: Next take a piece of rug making canvas, such as our Zweigart rug making canvas, and cut to the size you need. If you’re making for a nursery or child’s room, a small rug will be just perfect.

3: Looking at the size of your pom pom maker, calculate how many pom poms you’ll need for your rug. A pom pom rug uses one layer of pom poms but they’ll need to be packed tightly, so make sure you bear this in mind. Once you have your number of pom poms, think about how many you’ll need of each colour and set to work!

4: Follow our ‘how to use a pom pom maker’ step-by-step guide to create your perfect little balls of yarns. When tying the central belt around your pom poms, ensure to leave the ends of the yarn loose so you can tie your pom poms to your pom pom rug canvas.

5: Once your pom poms are ready, place them loosely on your rug mat to work out where the colours will sit and balance the mix across your pom pom rug.

6: Now, it's assembly time! Secure your pom poms by pulling the loose ends of yarn through the rug canvas and tying around the rug mesh. Make sure your pom poms are packed tightly together – you can always squeeze in a few more if you spot some gaps!

7: Your beautiful pom pom rug is finished and ready to be enjoyed by some little wriggly toes! 

how to make a pom pom

More Pom Pom Craft Ideas!

We hope these pom pom projects have given you plenty of ideas to create with your pom pom maker. And these are just for starters! There’s a whole range of brilliant creative crafts you can make with your pom pom makers – here’s a few more ideas to inspire you!

  • Create some bespoke pom pom jewellery – using an extra small pom pom maker, create some mini pom poms to make a necklace or pair of earrings.
  • Attach a colourful pom pom to the toes of some strappy sandals or pair of pumps.
  • Make a pom pom mobile or wall hanging by stringing some extra small pom poms across cord and tying to a piece of wooden dowel.
  • Add a touch of colour to your home decor by trimming cushions, throws and even lampshades with mini pom poms.
  • Pom poms can add colour and fun to almost anything – try them on bags, clothes, laptop covers, bookmarks, gift wrap.. The world of pom pom making is truly endless!
how to make a pom pom

Check out our full range of pom pom making kits to find your perfect pom pom maker to get started! We always love to see our customers’ creative projects so do share with us on Instagram & Facebook!

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