Homemade Easter Decoration Ideas

It’s the Easter weekend and it’s time to decorate your home with all things Easter themed to make sure the Easter Bunny knows where to go come the big chocolate filled day. 

Getting into the Easter spirit isn’t exactly hard - a weekend full of chocolate and bunny ears that the whole family can enjoy makes it easy! We want to help you get your home in tip top shape this Easter weekend so we’ve come up with a selection of ideas for homemade Easter decorations that are pretty easy to craft, are child friendly and will transform your home into an Easter haven! 

Painted Eggs
Let’s start off simple. Painting eggs is an old Easter tradition that is fun, fairly easy and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities! Poke a small hole in the top of your eggs and let them drain out until all the insides are gone. Simply give them a rinse, let them dry off and start painting! The eggs will be delicate so just make sure handle them gently and don’t press too hard when you paint!  

Easter Themed Table Runner
Sewing is one of our favourite things to do here at Hot Pink and we couldn’t create a list of Easter decorations without throwing it in there! If you haven’t already got your Easter Themed Table Runner, this is the year to make one. Find a plain table runner, decide on your design and get cracking! We’re thinking flowers, eggs, bunnies, chicks etc. anything that makes it distinguishably Easter-themed. You could even go a step further and create a quilt effect to the edges of your runner using Easter themed patchwork squares!

Egg Wreath
Depending on how skilled you are at wreath making will define how complex you make your wreath but you can make them very simply! Just be sure to make yours super Easter themed with eggs intertwined, perhaps some plastic carrots, spring flowers and anything else you want to add to jazz it up. We recommend using light, pastel colours as your colour scheme and add it bursts of green and orange to give it the full effect! Check out how to make a wreath here.

Bunny Lollipops
Who says decorations can’t also be edible?! Certainly not us! Get yourself some cheap bunny moulds, filled them with melted chocolate, put a stick in them and whack them in the fridge for several hours. Once they’re out, cover each one with a case (foil/tissue paper etc.) and put them into a jar or vase! These can be picked out throughout the day and moved around to different places in the house.

Egg Lined Shelves
When decorating your home for Easter, it’s important to reach every corner and infiltrate it with Easter spirit! Painted egg shells in egg cups make for great and easy decor and look really effective when all lined up together. Try putting these up on your shelves for a subtle decoration that will help to tie together all your decorations for an all-encompassing home look that will catch the eyes of adults and children!

Flowers in Jars
Although a lot of Easter is about chocolate, bunnies and chicks, it’s also about spring - new life and warmth. To bring spring inside your home this Easter, try putting some fresh seasonal flowers into a series of jars or rustic boxes to put on your windowsill on on the table. This will brighten up your home, infuse the room with lovely scents whilst also looking appropriately festive (and a little more grown up!).

Origami Bunnies
Whilst these aren’t necessarily the easiest of decorations to make, they look amazing and when completed, are very rewarding! You can keep your origami bunnies all together in a pack or put them in different areas around the house! Have them poking out from behind furniture, place them on the table and if the weather’s good, you can even put them outside! Whilst perhaps not suitable for younger kids, this is a great task for older kids or those with an artistic flair. Click here to find out how to make your origami bunnies.

Egg Garland
To add a more elegant touch to your Easter decorations, we recommend creating a beautiful egg themed garland to be put up indoors or outdoors. You can make this garland in any kind of way you want with any kind of decorations you want. Whilst we personally think it should be egg themed, you can add in other bits and bobs such as carrots, chocolate pieces etc. anything to make it look upbeat, fun and beautiful! Pick where you would like to hang your garland and be sure to make it the correct length. Other than that, it’s totally up to you to make it your own style!

Hanging Eggs
A lovely easy one to do that will bring instant Easter charm to your home. Go through the same process as you would for the painted eggs before attaching them to various items in your home with string. This can be a house plant, shelves, lights etc. anything that can hold eggs on a string, you should attach your eggs to!


So there are our Easter egg decoration ideas! If you do use any of ideas for the big day, don't forget to send your pictures in to our Facebook or Instagram


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