Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

You won’t believe it but…Yes another Christmas blog!

We can’t get enough of the festive feelings this year. Mulled wine on the stove, stockings on the mantelpiece, Christmas tree flashing in the corner, dog in an elf costume… We’ve got all the traditions going on!

As we've mentioned before, this Christmas we want to help you cut costs without cutting the sentiment of quality of your Christmas. Whether you define Christmas by how many presents you get, how beautiful your home is or how many loved ones you can surround yourself with, we want to help you make this year Love Actually perfect without the the credit card bill…

Rather than raiding the high street shops for presents, why not make your own gifts this year that are full of love and meaning? We’ve put together some fabulous homemade Christmas gift ideas that you can use to get inspiration from this year...

Tablet Case
Create a festive (or not, your choice!) tablet case for anyone at any age! You can use a number of different materials for this, from leather to soft cotton fabric, it totally depends on you and your recipient. You can make a clasp by using a button and an elasticated band.

Photo Clock
Not so much haberdashery related, but we thought this was a lovely idea nonetheless! Order a solid printed photo off somewhere like Photobox that can be easily mounted, once it arrives paint your own numbers on it and then buy a clock battery and hands then hey presto your homemade timepiece!

Earrings (bauble earrings anyone?!)
Making your own jewellery is super fun and easier than you might think! Craft your own earrings this Christmas using really whatever materials you want. From wood to felt, metal to gemstones, choose your material, your design and start creating. Follow this DIY earring guide for some help!

Snappy Bags
Ideal for travelling, for toiletries or for someone who just really likes to know where things are; try making a festive themed snappy bag! Get your hands on some plain plastic snappy bags and sew your chosen material into one side. You can either totally remove one side of plastic or attach the material onto the outside. You could even accessorise with glitter, gems or buttons!

Crayon Holder
Perfect for the kiddie or adult colouring book fanatic in your life! Create this useful and festive crayon holder that can be stored away and travel easily. Sew each ridge to create the crayon tunnel - we suggest measuring the size of each one so they’re as even as possible! Finish off with a ribbon and button to tie.

Festive Clutch Bag
What a lovely gift for the party lover in your life. Clutch bags are still dominating the high streets after all these years and are going nowhere fast. Rather than buy one the same as hundreds of others, make your own! The actual bag design is very simple to create (find your steps here), so it’s just a matter of finding what fabric and accessories you want. If you do want to make it festive, check out our Christmas fabrics, our glitter and buttons! 

A classic, personal gift that can be as easy or as difficult to make as you want. You can go as far as cutting the wood yourself, to painting the frame or just sticking a selection of gorgeous pieces of haberdashery on it! However you choose to make it, be sure to pick the perfect picture!


We hope you can create some beautiful gifts with these ideas! If you do, don't forget to send them to us via email or social media.

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