Haberdashery Inspired NYE Decorations

Christmas is now so close we can taste the mulled wine, feel the fire crackling, hear the carols being sung; and with the surprise addition of snow over the past couple weeks how could we not become even more preoccupied with Christmas?

If, like most of the British population, you’ve had your head buried so deep in all things tinsel, presents and Christmas jumpers, you probably haven’t given as much thought as you should have to the huge event happening only 6 days after jolly old St Nick has made his visit… New Year’s Eve!

We’re huge fans of NYE here at Hot Pink - it’s a fantastic time to reflect over the last year and think about what you’ve achieved, the people you’ve spent time with and how different (or not!) things were a year ago. If you’ve been designated NYE host this year, or if you just want to help out whoever is, we’ve got some fab ideas on how you can put your haberdashery skills to good use this party season and create your own DIY New Year's Eve decorations

Origami Paper Star Ornaments
Origami is a beautiful and surprisingly simple way to create delicate homemade decorations that have a real personal touch. Follow these instructions on how to make a simple and stunning origami star to have over your guests all night long.


Novelty New Year Glasses
You could buy these from your local supermarket but then you and your guests would have the same as hundreds of other people and you know how we feel about that..! Make your own Novelty New Year Glasses which follow your colour scheme and the theme you want for your party. Buy cheap plain glasses frames and accessorise them with literally anything you want; from pipe cleaners to glitter, go nuts!

Festive Drink Stirrers
Although we all know that NYE is all about being with the ones you love when the new year chimes in, we all also know that delicious drinks are also a big part of it! Create festive drinks stirrers out of plain plastic stirrers and decorate the top with glittery pom poms, fabric stars etc. to get in the mood for partying!

Festive Cupcake Toppers
Similarly to the festive drink stirrers, if you’re making snacks for your guests too, be sure to create some little easy cupcakes and make your own toppers. We love the idea of making clocks to go on top of cocktail sticks, which you can make from a number of different materials in a number of different ways. We personally like the idea of using paper and some kind of hard centre such as a button or gem. Let the countdown begin! 


Paint Left Over Bottles and use them as Candle Holders
This time of year makes it super easy to find finished bottles of wine, champagne and spirits and rather just sending the straight off to recycling, why not bring them inside, spray paint them or cover them in glitter (or anything else you fancy!) and turn them into stunning festive candle holders? 


Dip Feathers in Gold Paint and Glitter
Another super quick and easy way to transform your home into a NYE wonderland: collect feathers from outside (or buy them if that fails), create a thin PVA glue paste and put in one bowl, then fill another bowl with glitter of your choice. Dip the feathers into the glue being careful not to ruin the shape of the feather, and then dip in the glitter - simple but effective!


Make your own Party Hats
Save yourself some money by making your now NYE party hats that you can make as simple or as crazy as you would like your guests to look! Follow these instructions on how to create the basics of your hat and then decorate them however you like. You could cover them in cotton fabric, douse in glitter, paint them or cover them in shiny buttons

As always, if you choose to make any of our above suggestions, please do shoot over some pictures to us on email or social media! We love to hear from you!

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