Haberdashery Ideas for Kids this Summer

The summer holidays have officially begun! Whether this be music to your ears or creates a slight knot in your stomach (how will you fill those 6 long weeks?!), we’ve helped put together a list of haberdashery inspired activities to keep your kiddies occupied in a constructive and fun way! 

Stamp Top
Whilst you may want to try and make your own clothes, chances are your child's ability and passion for fashion won’t quite match yours! However, you can make them think they’re the next Alexander McQueen by helping them make their very own stamped top! For a unique and intricate design that is super easy (and affordable!) slice a pepper in half and use the pattern that’s created on the inside to dip into paint and stamp all over the top in different colours - you can even make them look like flowers for a real summery floral look

Fairy Garden
Create a mini fairy garden in a large jar by filling three quarters of it with gravel or pebbles, covering the top in moss and then place little fairy sized toys on the top. You can even make your own fairy house if you’re woodwork inclined! Get your kids to design the ideal fairy garden by painting pieces of wood and stones - you can even add a bit of glitter over the top for the real fairy effect!

I Spy Bag
For the more rainy summer days, create an I Spy bag that you can keep on going back to! This is super easy for kids to make as there’s no sewing or haberdashery skills needed - just a windowed pencil case filled with tightly packed together cotton wool and inanimate objects that can be changed and mixed around each time to show new objects. Fill the pencil case with the above and keep in a draw to pull out whenever you need!

Shell Memory Game
This is a particular favourite of ours being by the coast and all… Collect shells on the beach and turn them into a maths or memory game by either painting numbers onto the inside of the shells (so when they’re face down you can’t see) and create a game that requires your kids to pick up and remember. This can be words that link, numbers to add up or simply just the same drawing. Fun and educational is the way to go during the summer holidays! 

Framed Art Collage
Showcasing your child’s art is one of the best ways to get them to do it in the first place! It’s incredible how a piece of paper adorned with water colour doodles, stickers, scribbles, acrylic paint splashes and cut outs from your children’s favourite magazines and old books becomes an instant piece of art. Give your child a big piece of paper in the garden so they can go as mad as they want and create something of real substance and freedom for you to have as a memento for summers to come

Paper and Bead Necklaces
Have your kids create their own boho chic fashion jewellery with a mixture of plastic beads, rolled up scrapbook paper, wrapping paper and magazine clippings. If your kids take good enough care of these, they’ll last them all summer long and they can be adjusted for different occasions by changing up the beads and paper. We recommend using large beads to keep up with the larger paper and make a real statement with their necklace! 

Sponge Boats
These super easy to make and fun boats will give your kids a creative outlet with a goal: boat racing! Grab some cheap sponges, put a cocktail stick in it and help them to fashion a sale from coloured card. To give them their sailing ability be sure to curve the card round to both ends of the cocktail stick. Make sure they can float before creating a little lake in a plastic storage box and get the regatta going!

Tropical Felt Birds
These can be incredibly easy to make, suitable for all ages! They can be as intricate or as simple as you want. Gather some glitter felt in lots of different colours and assist your kids with cutting out shapes of feathers, beaks, eyes, feet, patterns… Get their imaginations really flowing with their very own bird creations. Use glue to stick your felt together and if your kids fancy it, they can even add some little extras such as beads, glitter, ribbons or buttons to really make their unique felt bird creations stand out from the crowd. 


We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on some summer haberdashery kid’s ideas you can do to get the kids off their iPads, away from the TV and stuck into some creative and rewarding arts and crafts! 

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