Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids

The possibilities for children’s Halloween costumes are endless so where do you start? Your child may have very particular ideas for their costume from their favourite movies, books or hobbies, so having a few quick and easy suggestions at the ready can be useful. We have put together our favourite easy homemade Halloween costumes, that won’t break the bank or take too much time to make.. Leaving you more time for ghoulish games and trick or treating!

Strawberry Halloween Dress:

Work with a red dress or make a simple, sleeveless tabard from red felt with a round neckline. Cut yellow felt into seed shapes (so that they look like upside-down tear drops) and, using adhesive tape or fabric glue, stick the seeds onto your strawberry outfit in a hexagonal pattern. Next cut triangular leaf shapes from green sticky back felt and stick around the neckline of the dress. Top the outfit off with a matching green beanie, or headband to resemble a green stalk and your child will have the sweetest costume on the block!

Giant Lego Piece:

So quick and easy to make and any Lego-loving child will adore this Halloween costume! Start with a cardboard box that your child's upper body can fit into, making sure it's roomy enough so they can move. Make arm and head holes in your cardboard box, checking your child can easily put on the costume. Next, take six same sized plastic or cardboard tubs. The tubs shouldn’t be too deep as they need to resemble the surface of a Lego piece. Glue the tubs in three rows of two cups, down the front of your box, ensuring they are perpendicular and equally spaced. Now, it's time to spray paint your lego costume. Pick a bright primary colour and, following the instructions, paint your giant Lego costume. Your very own walking and talking Lego piece is ready for Halloween!

Vintage Clown:

Clowns don’t need to be scary at Halloween! If you are a fan of vintage, this is an adorable outfit for your little ones. Use a simple white dress or make a sleeveless white felt or cotton tabard to pop over a long sleeve white tee. Make 3 large black pom poms and adhere or sew onto the front of your garment. To make the ruffle collar that will sit around your child’s neck, take a piece of elastic and tie it in a loose loop that is comfortable for their neck, without drooping. Next, take strips of black organza cut to about 5cms wide by 30cms long. Knot the organza strips around the elastic by folding in half and pulling the two ends through the loop. Work your way around the elastic, tying the black organza strips to make a full black neck ruffle. Top off your vintage clown outfit with a white card cone-shaped clown hat that you can hold in place with a black ribbon or elastic band fitted under the chin. Adhere two more black pom poms to the front of the hat. For the finishing touches, choose some simple black footwear with black tights and pop two white pom poms on the toes of the shoes!

Easy Halloween costumes

Skeleton Costume:

This costume couldn’t be simpler and there are online skeleton templates available to help you too! You just need a black long sleeve tee and black leggings for your child, then either some white fabric paint or white felt to make the skeleton bones.

Using a template or skeleton reference, sketch out the skeleton torso, arm and leg bones onto your felt. Work over the garments so you ensure the bones are sketched to the right size. Then cut out the felt pieces and adhere to the clothes using fabric glue. If you’re working with paint, sketch the bones using a fabric pencil before you paint the skeleton onto the clothes. You can complete the look with white face paint to make the skull, carefully avoiding the eye sockets, nostrils and mouth. Use dark make-up to add definition to your skull if you wish. Now your mini skeleton is ready to trick or treat!!

Felt Ghost Costume:

A super quick outfit to suit all ages and no sewing required! Take about 2 metres of white felt (or more for an older child). Fold the felt in half, checking the length against your child’s height and the width against the span of their open arms. Cut the edge of the felt into a semi circle shape to make a poncho, with a hole in the centre for their head to pop through. Create a fringe around the edges of your poncho by cutting strips about 15 cms long by 5 cms wide. Tie a knot at the top of each strip to finish the edge of the poncho neatly. Next add your ghost’s face to the front of your ghoulish outfit! Design and cut two black spots for eyes and a zig-zagged shaped mouth, making sure it fills two thirds of the front of the poncho for effect. Use fabric glue to adhere your ghost’s face onto the garment, top with a white beanie and your little one is ready to spook!

Easy Homemade halloween costumes for Kids

Pizza Slice Costume:

If, like many children, your child loves pizza as a treat, this simple costume will be perfect for them. They can even help make the pizza topping with you. Start with two dough-coloured triangle felt shapes. The ‘crust’ of the pizza slice will sit across their shoulders and then the triangle will taper down their body into a point. Cut the triangles into the right width and length for your child’s body, then measure a semi circular neckline at the top for their head to pop through. Sew the shoulders of your pizza slice together, ensuring the outfit slips over your child’s head easily. Now it's time to get creative! Ask your child what toppings they fancy on their pizza. Use our sticky back felt squares to cut coloured felt shapes of olives, mushrooms, mozzarella balls and pepperoni. Your child can help you layer the topping shapes onto your pizza as you remove the backing and stick onto the slice. Now you have a scrumptious-looking Halloween costume that’s most definitely a treat!

Violet Flower Costume

Dress-up doesn’t get any cuter than this! Transform your little one into a budding violet with just some simple felt flower petals decorated around a child’s headband. Start by cutting 6 circular pieces of lilac felt, leaving an oblong tab of felt at the bottom of each petal to wrap around the head band. Next, make the inner petal pattern by cutting some purple felt into a shape with 4-5 spikes and glue to each lilac petal. Take the headband and glue a lilac ribbon measuring about 1 metre around the headband, leaving equal lengths of excess ribbon on either side of the band. This will tie under your child’s chin to secure the petal headdress. Wrap and glue the base of four petals around the headband, overlapping slightly and gluing together so they stand up. Glue the remaining 2 petals to the top of the ribbon, so they fit snugly under your child’s chin when the ribbon is tied. Attach some light green leaf-shaped felt pieces to the neckline of a purple long sleeved tee, add some green leggings as a stem and your violet flower is ready to bloom!

Garden Fairy:

Fairies at the bottom of the garden are part of childhood folklore, so Halloween is the perfect opportunity to create your own garden fairy. Start by making a classic tutu – it's actually incredibly simple and uses only two materials. Measure a piece of wide elastic around the top of your child’s chest that sits comfortably with a little space, just under their armpits. Next cut six metres of emerald green organza into strips about 12 cms wide. Tie the organza strips around the elastic band, by folding each strip in half, placing the loop of the strip just above the elastic band and pulling the two loose ends through the loop to tightly secure onto the band. Repeat around the band, squeezing the strips of organza together to create a full layered tutu. Now you have your tutu, knot a piece of green ribbon to the centre of the band to make a halter strap that will tie at the back of your child’s neck. Take two more pieces of ribbon - one to make a belt and one to make a floral crown. Glue some fabric or felt flowers to each piece of ribbon before adding to your costume. Felt flowers can be easily made by layering & overlapping circular pieces together or curling & twisting a strip of felt with a wavy edge, into a flower shape. Add some green fairy wings, and your garden fairy is ready to flit about the neighbourhood!

We are always inspired to see our customers’ creative projects, so don’t forget to share with us on our Instagram page! Happy Halloween!

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