Bring the Beach into your Home this Summer

Summer is 100% here and in full swing and we are loving it! So far the weather has been pretty beautiful for a British summer which given everyone the opportunity to slip into their shorts and sandals and head towards the closest coast they can find.

Although not internationally renowned for their beauty, here in Britain we know very well just how stunning some British coastlines can be: from Aberdeen to Cornwall, North Norfolk to Pembrokeshire and everywhere in between, Britain truly has multitudes of wonderful salty and sandy coastlines ready and waiting to host your day at the beach.

For those of us who are fortunate enough to live so close to a beach, it’s usually custom to have beach themed paraphernalia around the house in the form of cushions, lamps, candles, curtains etc. and for those of us choosing the more inland life, sometimes it’s nice to be able to bring a bit of the faraway sea into our homes. 

So wherever you are and your proximity to a beach, we still want to tell you how you can bring the beach into your home this summer.


Yes, yes cushions again! We can’t get enough. Cushions are a fantastic and simple way to change the theme and feel of a room. Cushion covers are interchangeable too so the more you have, the better! Use a blue, white and light green colour scheme (stripes are always a winner!) to create unique beach-themed cushions. Try putting an anchor, a helm, turtle or fish on the front for a stand out and fun cushion. Try using our Sailing Boat themed fabric for one!

Not just the candles themselves, but what you put them in! By placing a candle in some sort of holder (jar, clear pot etc.) you can accessorise them by adding beach and nautical themed things around or in them. This can be painting the glass, placing shells inside, using old rope to decorate around the top or wrapping it in. Whatever you fancy as long as it’s safe!


Sand Pots
Collect sand from all the beaches you go to across the world and either pile the handfuls up in the same jar (add more jars over time!) or have a different jar for each different sand – although you may end up with rather a lot! This is an aesthetically pleasing and sentimental way to decorate your home.


Nautical Curtains
One for the more adventurous haberdashery enthusiast! Create your own nautical themed curtains to go up in one or more rooms in your home. Be sure to use gentle blues, whites, creams and greens with either coastal themed fabric or stripes. Curtains are a huge influence on the décor of a room so you may want to consider matching other parts of the room the same to keep in theme.

Blue Glass Jars
To put on a shelf or table. Collect a selection of mismatched blue/green/turquoise glass jars and decorate with old rope, cream or white ribbon, starfish or old wood to create the full effect. This collection can be made bigger the more beachy items you manage to collect.


Painted Photo Frames
Frame your favourite or several favourite images of times at the beach in plain wooden frames and then paint over them (without the photos in!). Be sure to not take too much care in covering all of the wood, as it’s the rustic, driftwood look you want to go for. You can also stick bits and bobs on (even sand!) to make them even more special and unique.


There we go! Some ideas on how to bring the beach into your home this summer without covering the lounge in sand and digging your own sea! 




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