Autumn Themed Décor Ideas

Autumn is officially here! 

Outside is tainted with a gentle orange hue as the leaves are abandoning their green pigment in favour of their autumnal theme. The sun is lower in the sky giving us breath-taking sunrises and sunsets and everyone has ditched their light coloured summer clothes in favour of browns, beiges and rich shades of charcoal, purple and red. 

Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year and we love watching it settle in our garden, on the streets and across the countryside. Not only is the nation’s favourite season gorgeous outside in its auburn tones, it’s also super cosy and lovely inside – especially if you give your home a little bit of an autumn make-over.

Changing the interior of your home with the seasons has the potential to be pretty expensive. You could spend a fortune gathering autumn themed bits and bobs, from cushions and throws to lamps and art. One of the many fantastic parts about do it yourself haberdashery is that it can save you so much money – particularly when looking at making decorative home improvements.

It’s time to bring the outside in, and do it on a budget! Create your own beautiful autumnal themed home décor and see your house transform into an autumn grotto! 

There are loads of ways that you can do this, but we’ve listed a few nice ideas below that you can easily try:


Buy some autumn scented candles (or make them yourself!) to put around your home. Group them together in an area on your coffee table, spread them out along the mantelpiece or put them on your chest of your drawers in your bedroom. If you get candles in jars, you can decorate the outside of the jar with either painted autumnal designs or knit a candle jar cosy for it!


A Clear Bowl of Autumnal Foliage
This is an easy and beautiful seasonal decoration. Gather dried cinnamon sticks, dried clementine slices, pinecones and pressed leaves and put them all in a clear bowl (or several!). These can be used as centrepieces for dining room tables, coffee tables or kitchen islands. 


Flowers in a Pumpkin
Ideal for the run up to Halloween! Scoop out the inside of your pumpkin and put a vase (that doesn’t show over the top) or glass, and put your flowers in that. This looks like the pumpkin is holding the flowers, making it an incredibly natural and rustic looking decoration.


A Hamper full of Blankets
Whether you choose to do this for decorative or practical purposes, it will still look great. Fill a hamper up with autumnal themed blankets – store bought or handmade and leave the lid open. This will not only fill any empty corners, but fill the room with an instant warm and cosiness. 


Handmade Hanging Decorations
Similarly to the foliage bowl, dry out some fallen autumn leaves that are in the prime of the vibrancy along with dried cinnamon sticks and clementine slices. Create small holes in each item and push them onto string; you can also add beads, buttons and any other bits and bobs you fancy! Create 5-10 of these pieces of string and hang them vertically.


Reversible Cushion Covers
Cushions are something we often talk about in context of seasonal home changes because they can make such a difference to the colour scheme and feel of a room so easily – and they’re easy to do yourself! We suggest creating reversible cushion covers: one side for spring and summer and one side for autumn and winter. For the wintrier cushion side, we suggest choosing a warm coloured cotton fabric with a design of your choice that will work with both autumn and winter (so no lovely brown leaves!)




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