Making a quilt for a child: unique and practical design ideas


Making a Quilt for a Child: Unique & Practical Design Ideas

You've had the great idea of making a quilt for a special child in your world, but now you want a unique yet simple idea that will actually be usable and useful. Thinking of the ideas is the hard part, and that's where I hope to help.

Parents are always looking for products that will make their children happy and make their life easier....some of these quilt ideas aim to do just that. These quilts have multiple uses that will prove to be popular with both parent and child, offering comfort, warmth and storage, all in one humble quilt.

To make the ideal quilt in a stress free short time, use pre cut squares in carefully chosen child friendly fun patterns...

x50 Pre Cut Patchwork Squares in Children's Fun Brights

Multi use Ideas

These ideas could be just perfect for that Children's quilt project you have in mind:

Quilt Rucksack

Make travelling with a little one stress free with a quilt rucksack. The quilt rucksack is a comfy quilt with a pocket and straps built in. A few folds turns the quilt into an ideal storage space for a few books and toys. Making a quilt that doubles as a small rucksack is an easy project for a sewer with some quilting experience.



The quillow is becoming increasingly popular in quilt making as its so useful and simple to create. Perfect for travelling, the simple concept of a cosy quilt turned pillow is a great one. Create a quilt block that incorporates a pocket that the quilt folds into; this creates your comfy pillow. Great for car journeys or daytime naps.

Pre cut 20x20cm squares would be a perfect way to make a quilt such as this in record time.

20x20cm Pre cut Polycotton Squares in Blue & Green


Personalised Quilt Topper

The great thing about making a quilt is being able to customise every aspect of the design to suit it's user. Personalising colours, decoration and motifs are what makes a quilt special. One of the most effective ways to personalise a quilt is to use appliqué to add a name or image. Add the appliqué as soon as the quilt top layer has been created, so your stitching doesn't show through to the back of the quilt. Plain fabrics often make the most effective appliqué. You could also choose to use pre bought motifs that iron on for a super simple and quick alternative to machine or hand stitching. If you wanted something truly unique, add a photo to your fabric by printing onto transfer paper. This is readily available if you've never used it before.

Applique quilting detail
Applique letters with hand stitching

The great thing about making a quilt for a child, is you know that it will be loved. Every blanket that has been knitted or crocheted for my children has been used and used and cherished. A patchwork quilt could easily become a family heirloom. Start designing your quilt now. Check out our pre cut squares to save you time and help with your inspiration.

Happy quilting. Hope the lucky child loves it.
We would love to see your creations if you are happy to share!

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