5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

We’re just over a week away from Halloween, for us this means the countdown is well underway and so your costumes should be too! 

There’s a huge variety and choice of costumes for Halloween - nowadays they don’t even have to be particularly scary! Fortunately, because there is such a large range of possibilities out there as to what you can transform yourself into, you can either choose to go big, bold and all out, or simply opt for a gentler theme to your costume that still shows your appreciation for the big day.

When considering your attire for Halloween 2018, it’s important to remember that store bought Halloween costumes can be expensive which is unfortunate considering you will usually only wear your Halloween costume once. As usual, because of this, we want to share with you our best DIY Halloween costumes ideas so that you can look terrific and terrifying without needing to splash out on a pre-made costume for you or your kids.

1. A Cobweb
This perfectly simple but effective costume can be made in practically no time at all but will last all day and all night! Very simply, you need a large bit of black material (that will cover your arm span and will drop to about 3/4 of a metre), scissors and some white chalk.

Fold your black material into fourths, draw a semi-circle in the pointy part of the shape with your chalk for the neck line, then use the chalk to then draw on the shape of your cobweb including spiderweb like scallops along the bottom and then similar shapes the whole way up. Then, you just cut out the shapes, unfold and hey presto! Your cobweb cape! Match with all black clothing and then you will officially be a creepy cobweb!


2. The White Rabbit
There’s nothing scarier than chasing the unknown and for Alice, the White Rabbit represented just that! Whilst the White Rabbit may not look particularly scary (in actual fact, he was quite cute), we’re going with a more metaphorical idea that will not only make you or kid look super cute, but make you seem pretty impressive too!

Of course, the White Rabbit’s signature look was his waistcoat and pocket watch so these are the most important elements to get right! To add a more halloweeny look to your rabbit costume, try using our white stars on black polycotton fabric to craft your waistcoat out of (for this, you’ll need a pattern, scissors and a sewing machine). You can then make your pocket watch out of cardboard, simply cutting it into a round shape and painting your design onto! 

3. Medusa
Medusa’s story is a dark and frightening one that resulted in her herself become somewhat of a nightmarish image. In order to create your own medusa look, get your hands on a selection of pipe cleaners (whatever colour you like) - the longer the better. 

Entwine the pipe cleaners into sections of your hair (you don’t need to do every section). It might also be easier to have your hair partially up in a clip to make it look like there are more pipe cleaners than there are! Along with this, ensure you have some dark, evil looking eye make-up and you can make a Greek goddess inspired dress out of an old, white sheet. Find out to do this here


4. Clark Kent
This is a fantastically simple Halloween costume that is widely recognisable and a great idea for any of those super dads! First of all, ensure you have a royal blue t-shirt that you don’t mind ruining (well, transforming into your superman uniform); this will be the basis for your costume.

From here, get your hands on some yellow and blue self adhesive acrylic craft felt that you can then carve your infamous S out of. To do this, we recommend using tracing paper to make sure you’re copying your print out S precisely. Once you’ve created your S, you can then stick it onto your t-shirt! To complete the outfit, wear suit trousers, a shirt that's unbuttoned by about 4 buttons and your t-shirt underneath.

5. Robot
Now is your time to get really creative! First of all, you’ll need a cardboard box that is big enough to fit around your body. Once said box is found, cover all of the outside of it in tin foil, securing it with sellotape. Then, securely attach string that will work as braces to hold the box over your shoulders and swing around your body. Now for fun part… Decorating! 

You can turn your robot into any type of machine you want but we recommend using metal self covered buttons as its operation control system, create screens out of our glitter felt, giving your robot a truly futuristic and cosmic look. To finish off, make yourself some antenna out of a headband, pip cleaners and either buttons or cut out felt for the top! 



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