5 Different Uses for Patchwork Squares

Patchwork squares have many uses in the haberdashery world and something that we here at Hot Pink, see as a staple product for any haberdashery kit. 

We’ve come up with 10 great uses for patchwork squares for you to try and turn your home into a haberdashery haven. Some are more conventional uses for our beloved patchwork squares, whereas others are a little more unique. 

We hope you like our ideas and will give a few of them a try over the summer months!

  1. Pet Bed

    Your little furry friend deserves a special bed made with love and what better time to do this than summer time? Create a bright and beautiful new slumber space for your much loved pet no matter what they are: dog, cat, hamster, rat, rabbit, guinea pig or micro pig, a new bed will go down a treat.

    Most animals are semi colour blind or can’t see as many colours as we can, so we suggest making your bed as bright as possible so that your pet can enjoy the aesthetic as much as you. It’s also important to remember to make the bed in a colour scheme and pattern that will fit in with the rest of your home. Now is your chance to incorporate your pet’s accessories into the rest of your home.

  2. Cushion Cover

    You can never have enough cushion covers. It’s nice to switch up your cushion covers to match the seasons we always think, and having options is always nice! You can even make one for a friend for a special occasion or as a unique and sentimental gift.

    Coming into summer, we recommend getting some bright and floral patchwork squares in the colour scheme of the rest of your home. This will not only add an extra personal touch to your furniture, but will add to the decor of whatever room you choose to put it in. You could even make a set if you want to be really profesh and make yourself look like a John Lewis cushion designer!

  3. Pin Cushion

    Keeping with the cushion theme, why not create something useful for your haberdashery kit by using a couple of patchwork squares? Pin cushions are usually small and are super easy and quick to make. Simply choose two of your favourite patchwork square patterns (it’s nice to have a different one on each side!) and then fill with stuffing so it’s nice, fat and soft!

    You can make multiple ones for different seasons, different pins or even give one to another haberdashery-crazy friend as a gift! Pin cushions are a brilliant way to use up any spare patchwork squares or as good practice if you’re using them for the first time.

  4. Picnic Rug

    Summer is picnic season! Rather than hoisting out the old tartan picnic rug that you’ve had for 20 odd years, why not make your own unique picnic blanket that you can show off to all your friends, family and everyone else in the park!

    Pick a selection of your favourite patchwork squares and your colour scheme, then get to work! We recommend putting some padding in-between the waterproof lining and your patchwork material to ensure that your creation doesn’t get damaged by wet grass and to ensure that it’s super comfy. 

    5. Hot Pad

    We totally endorse infiltrating every part of your home with your haberdashery creations - including your kitchen! Making a hot pad out of patchwork squares is a lovely and useful way to bring your personality into the kitchen and into the cooking arena!

    Make sure you make your pad nice and thick so that it can withstand hot temps and not get damaged. We recommend layering up and filling the inside with some sturdy stuffing to avoid any accidents! Also ensure to line the outside of your hot pad with some thick material to keep it all together 

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