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Finding Inspiration.... Patchwork projects

Last year I visited the Festival of Quilts at the NEC Birmingham. I wandered the vast number of aisles inspired by the huge array of products, talent and enthusiasm on show. It certainly gave me a lot to think about with regards to our products and what quilters and crafters want.

Just one example of an inspirational quilt on show...

I would highly recommend a visit if you have a day to wander free through the fabric heaven. The many workshops on offer, teaching a huge range of patchworking and textiles decorative techniques are definitely worth a try. Great way to spend a day....

One of the main reasons I loved to go was to see the emergence of up and coming trends flying off the shelves, often trends I had spotted through my love of fashion and following the fashion week catwalk shows.

Fashion and Patchwork, where is the link?

I love to keep up to date with forthcoming trends in both fashion and interiors. Following both is often fairly easy, as the link between the two is strong. I enjoy relating new fashion ideas in my textiles work and in my buying of fabrics for Hot Pink Haberdashery.

It just so happens that 2015 is a big year for patchwork in the fashion world. Gucci strutted 70's inspired patchwork get ups down their glamorous catwalk shows.


The mismatch of florals and colours here combined with braiding detail makes for a super cool 70's vibe, but not anything you couldn't try and re create at home. Imagine a re upholstered chair done in a similar style! No measuring needed, perfect for our 20x20cm remnants! I love this look.

This classic Eames chair is given a funky new look through the introduction of upholstered patchwork. If even the most classic of design icon furniture can adopt the trend, then it must be a biggy.

Or even more craft friendly, check out these $800 jeans...designed by new designer Junja Watanabe.

Choose your fabrics carefully and this idea could be a very easy way to keep on top of trend, whilst also up-cycling your beloved pair of denims or patching your favourite chaise. Fabrics shouldn't be too matching, or it could look old style rather than new.... Mismatching seems to be the key to patchwork trend success.

Patchwork is big for 2015, in fashion and therefore in your home!

Join the trendsetters below, spotted during New York Fashion week  embracing the patchwork trend. Again, mismatching plays a huge part.....or a cute a-line in 10x10cm squares also does the job.

Old jumpers cut up and combined with summer prints is my crafty idea....

What will your project be?

Consider your patchwork project now. Rely on me to find you the fabrics that keep on top on trends.....let me do the hard work whilst you have the crafty fun. Share your ideas with us, we would love to see where you can take patchwork!

Think Gucci! Think New York! Think Patchwork!

Some ideas

- start small by covering a cushion in patches of old clothing, e.g a man's striped shirt, combined with pre cut squares of cutesy florals 

- re upholster a favourite chair with cut up old jumpers or cut up old jeans. Add glamorous buttons for finishing the mismatch effect

- make an a-line skirt from our 20x20cm shabby chic remnants. Cut each piece to a different size and join together patterns at random

- combine laminated magazine cuttings or text from books with stitched patchwork squares to create a unique table covering 


Please share your makes!



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