2018 Interior Design Trends you can make your Own

2018 is here and in full swing, bringing with it a host of new prospects, new ideas and of course, new interior design trends!

As to be expected, when looking at aspirational interior design trends, all we can think about is how fun it would be to try and create these ourselves through the fantastic means of haberdashery! So, we’ve sifted through the top interior design trends for 2018 to find the ones we believe not only are going to really take off this year, but also that won’t cost you the world to implement into your own home. 

Without further ado, here are some of the top 2018 interior design trends that you can make your own:

Velvet is the fabric of choice

This wasn’t a trend that was necessarily predictable but it would seem that velvet upholstery is where it’s all at this year. This means some reupholstering jobs and weaving your favourite velvet fabrics (if you happen to have one!) into your home. 

What you can do: 
Cushion covers
Sofa throws

Statement Ceilings
Statement walls are no longer where it’s at... Introducing statement ceilings! Searches on Pinterest for ‘statement ceilings’ went up by 310% in 2017 and we can see why… This incredibly inventive way to transform a room is a new style that we haven’t seen this millennium. Wall colours are set to all be the same whilst tiling and painting the ceiling are becoming the new thing. 

What you can do:
Create hanging decorations
Wallpaper the ceiling
Create fake beams with wood
Different types of lamps 


Pared Back Industrial Chic
We've seen this trend coming for a while now but with distinguishable features such as exposed brick, distressed finishes and polished concrete, this super cool industrial trend is remaining firmly in the 2018 popularity spotlight. With minimalist rustic designs such as this, it’s key that every item you do have on show is totally within theme, whatever room it’s in so taking care and consideration when you make your own bits and bobs is crucial:

What you can do:
Cushion covers
Table accessories such as trays with candles and small plants in them
A table using an old door and iron legs bought from eBay 
Bed throw

Wall Art
It’s official - bare walls are out and walls covered in your favourite art pieces and photos are in! Pinterest searches for ‘wall art’ went up by 637% towards the end of 2017 showing the drastic increase in the desire for exciting and unique walls in the home. 

What you can do:
Create your own picture and photo frames
Homemade Macrame designs
Polaroid camera images

Relaxed Rustic
We love this natural look of weathered woods, natural materials and using earthy tones. Distressed furniture is ideal for this look but if you can easily add little accessories to any furniture style to bring a little relaxed rustic into your life

What you can do:
Vintage inspired vases
Use of lots of pastel coloured flowers with foliage around the house
Decorate your coffee and dining room tables with wooden accessories to put your possessions in
Replace conventional lampshades with copper or metal 


Wabi Sabi 
This is our favourite 2018 decor trend - the idea of the perfect imperfect. This ancient Japanese worldwide centres on impermanence and imperfection which translates into the home as emphasising the use of organic materials; pieces made with innate imprecations and embracing authenticity, even if that means showcasing things that are a little off-kilter.

What we particularly love about the Wabi Sabi interior design trend is that they key factor of it is to find the beauty in the not-so-perfect. This can be to cutting boards with burn marks, to sofa throws that are scrunched in a corner with mismatched colour. The whole idea is to accept that your home doesn’t have to be show-room ready, it is a home that should be real, authentic and happy. 

What you can do:
Handmade, naturally shaped and inherently flawed decor pieces
Handcrafted pottery
Linen sheets
Homemade cushions
Patchwork quilts
Homemade teatowels 
Self-painted tea pots and mugs


There are a lot colours this year that have been brought to the forefront of interior decor for 2018; from metallics to earthy tones, it would seem a lot of thought has gone into 2018’s colour palette from multiple interior design pioneers!

Earthy Neutrals
Sage is the new white, beige and ston. It’s bolder but considered a more approachable colour that works fantastically with woods and cream. Other earthy neutrals clocked to be big this year are soft mustards, jades and olives

The New Metallics
Rather than the well-known rose and yellow gold, we’re looking at more industrial shades of metal such as brass and nickel. These less high shine materials will add a more organic element to your home.

Patone Colour Institute

PCI revealed their colour predictions for 2018, taking information from a global investigation which showed the focus is on neutrals, iridescence which is “something the human eye can absolutely not avoid” as well as bright colours. Executive director Leatrice Eiseman, made a point about bright colours making a comeback saying that “Intense colours seem to be a natural application of our intense lifestyles and thought processes these days”. We’ve pulled together their colour palettes:

Palettes made up of complementary blue and orange colour combinations which, although sounds quite interesting, combines warm and cool tones which draw the eye

Vegetal are colours such as celery, combined with berry-infused purples and eggshell blue which are symbolic of health making this palette a very positive and unusual one

Think of Minions! Bright yellow, lime and all things fun are ideal for a child’s bedroom or a mix up for the summer seasons

If loud and bright isn’t up your street, 2018 is also endorsing subtle hues such as elderberry and Hawthorne rose, said to offer a sense of strength - pink is big this year!

This lovely palette from the Patone Colour Institute includes warm, earthy hues which can reach out to cultures across the world and won’t become out of style

This is a palette of neutral metallics known as ‘the new neutrals’ with accents of holly berry red and yellow sulphur

This is an eclectic mix of colours aimed to evoke a feeling of strength, power and sophistication (which we love!) balanced with black and gold 

Bright turquoises, pinks, purples and anchored with bright white, this palette is about hues that almost shine from within

What you can do:
It’s easy to choose fabrics in a mix of colour palettes mentioned above, as well as repainting wood with these earthy tones. The wonderful thing about making your own home decor pieces such as cushions, table decorations and even clothing, is that you can create whatever you want in the exact colour you want and can change it as and when you want. 

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