10 of the Best & Easiest Homemade Christmas Decorations

Christmas is nearly here and yes we’re going mad for it! Christmas decorations, Christmas fabrics, Christmas jumpers, homemade Christmas presents and basically anything that we can add a Christmas tree or a reindeer to.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year… for adorning your home with homemade decorations! Christmas can be super expensive which is something that we try and help our customers with. Rather than forking out for a load of shop bought decorations, we really want to show you another, cheaper (and better) option for making your home all lovely and warm for the festive season. 

In this blog, we want to give you a list of some of the best and easiest homemade Christmas decorations that we’ve found this year for you to get inspiration from and experiment with!

The Three Wise Owls











Who needs gold, Frankincense and Myrrh when you can have these pine scented, felt little guys? Head out into the countryside and handpick your own pine owl bodies and bring them home with you. Grab some felt and pipe cleaners and design your own little wise owls to sit on your coffee table, mantelpiece or bookshelf.


Frosty Jacks













Festive in more way than one, are these gorgeous little bottle cap snowmen! Use your leftover bottle caps to get creative with. Attach the three caps together by running a piece of sting up the back of them and sticking them. Decorate their faces and attire as you see fit and hang them on your Christmas tree or around the house! Great for after a Christmas party!

Festive Felt

If sewing is your thing (and even if it's not!) create these perfect little decorations that are effortlessly festive. Purchase felt or cotton fabric in only 2 or three colours to keep the set consistent and simple! Christmas is all about love, friends and family so create little soft decorations to reflect this - the homelier the better.


 Rockin' Around the Cinnamon Tree

We're all for simple but beautiful homemade Christmas decorations this year. These lovely little trees are the perfect addition to your big tree, door handles, mantelpieces or attaching to gifts. Use real cinnamon sticks to make the trunks, use three lines of faux pine accompanied by little buttons.


Floating in the Jar

Never mind walking in the air, these snowmen are just as magical inside your special festive jar. This is a fantastically simple decoration that can easily be made by children too. Use cotton balls to stuff inside your jar and decorate with button eyes and mouth on the outside of the glass. Use an orange paper nose and coloured piece of felt for the top and there you have your snowman in a jar!

Rudolf the Red Nosed Picture Frame

Another decoration that the kids can help you with! Use popsicle sticks to create the shape of your festive photo frame and cardboard for your head and tail! These gorgeous little guys can be hung up anywhere in the house with any picture of your choice. If you really want to go all out, you could make all twelve of Father Christmas' reindeer and hang them all up together! 



A more grown up take on the traditional reindeer decoration, these fun little adornments to your festive beverages make all the difference! This decoration can work on any bottled beverage; from Champagne to J2Os. Perfect to serve at or take to a Christmas party, enjoy every sip!

Triple Christmas Score

These are ideal for school decorations or a household which values learning! These fun but academic-themed decorations are fab for children and super easy to make. Cut a 30cm wooden ruler in half and stick festive words made from scrabble pieces on them and finish off with small christmassy adornments. A clever and easy way to decorate your home this Christmas. 

Pine-free Christmas Tree

We love incorporating nature into our haberdashery projects and here is perfect example of how well it can work! We love the simplistic structure of the tree juxtaposed against the bright and somewhat chaotic decorations. Choose lots of different colours for this decoration to make it stand out against any background.


Make Mine Gift Wrapped


Not all presents are made to be opened... These gorgeous little faux gift boxes are just what you need to create a magical Christmas in your home. Suspend these decorative gift boxes from somewhere high to create the illusion that they're floating. You can either use clear plastic string or a very fine ribbon to hang them wherever you want. You could even fill them with sweets and let the kids open them in the lead up to Christmas or on the last day of Christmas!

Let us know if you choose to make any of the above and be sure to send it to us via social media or email!

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