10 Homemade Decor Ideas for Autumn

Just as the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, the season of Autumn has also started to settle. Outside, the colours around us are changing from green to auburn, the evenings are getting shorter and the kettle seems to be boiling more than it has done in months. That’s right, the most beautiful season of the year is slowly making its entrance and it’s time it started to filter into our homes too!

We’ve had a fabulous summer in the UK this year and we hope we’ve helped you to decorate your home with enough summer themed home made decorations and ideas to make you feel like you’ve really made the most out of this year’s summer styles and colours. However, it is now time to pack up the shells in jars, floral cushion covers and English garden bunting and replace them with all with warm autumn DIY decorations you can make!

As usual, we’ve come with 10 of our own ideas on the types of autumnal decorations you can make to put in your home this orange season:

  1. Pumpkin cushion covers
    Although we associate pumpkins with Halloween in particular, they’re a great decoration for autumn in general. Their colour alone makes them perfect autumnal symbol, so rather than trying to replace real pumpkins sitting around your house, we suggest making your own pumpkin themed decor, pumpkin cushion covers in particular! Depending on your level of sewing/knitting skill, you can either attach an already made felt/embroided pumpkin to a cushion cover, or design your own! Be sure to throw these on every sofa and chair in the house to really help ignite the theme!

  2. Pressed leaves bookmark
    Autumn is the perfect time to snuggle up on the sofa with a good book; now that the days are getting shorter, it’s important to have somewhere you can escape to through your favourite author. In order to make your reading autumnal themed, why not pick up a few brown, golden and orange leaves, press them in a book (with weights on) before laminating them and creating your very own autumn leaf bookmark?

  3. Candle light holders
    Autumn is all about making your home as warm and cosy as it can possible be, so candles are an absolute must! Whilst candles can provide you with autumnal scents and a glowing orange flame, they can be dressed up a bit to fit in even more with an autumnal theme… There are many ways in which you can do this, our suggestion is to paint an old jam jar in orange and brown paints to hold your candle - or, if your candle is bigger, simply tie an orange ribbon around it!

  4. Orange tartan table runner
    We love table runners here at Hot Pink. They’re a fantastic way of bringing seasonal changes to your eating area without having to do much at all. We suggest using a tartan pattern for your table runner to add depth and warmth to the table - as well as being good at hiding any potential food or drink spillages!

  5. Autumn themed quilt
    There’s nothing better than using a homemade, seasonal quilt to keep warm in the cooler months. Take a look at our selection of ready-cut patchwork squares that you can use to create your quilt - alternatively browse our range of cotton fabrics that you can arrange and sort yourself to create a bespoke, homely quilt that you can keep ready and waiting in the lounge for when you, your family or guests fancy a bit of a snuggle

  6. Autumn wreath
    Although traditionally more of an American decoration, we also believe that wreaths shouldn’t just be reserved for Christmas… Create your own beautiful autumn wreath using apples, cobs of corn, pine cones, autumnal flowers etc. and hang either on your front of back door, on an outside window or anywhere else on the exterior of your house that looks like it could so with having a little autumn boost!

  7. Pumpkin centrepiece
    If you’re hosting a big lunch or dinner with family or friends, make sure your table looks like the ultimate autumnal feast by carving out the middle of a pumpkin (all seeds must go!) and then filling it with dried wheat, tall bright flowers and other foliage to create a truly lovely centre piece to sit alongside your table runner!

  8. Textured bunting
    Time to replace your summer bunting with autumn bunting! Textures are a huge thing in autumn decor so we recommend creating bunting with some seasonally appropriate fabric and then stitching pieces of rough string, sackcloth etc to them to give them a rustic and textured appearance that will help to bring the vibe of the outside autumn weather inside!

  9. Pine cone garland 
    This is another super easy DIY decoration that the kids can help with! Collect 10+ pine cones (depending on how long you want the garland to be), you can then paint or spray these should you so wish (we think a little gold dusting is enough!). Use string to attach the pine cones together and then you’re ready to display! These can be used inside or outside in whichever room you think suitable! 

  10. Real leaf art
    This is a great one for kids! Collect as many fallen leaves as you can (the better condition they’re in, the better the piece will look!) and start pressing them. Once all pressed, you can create masterpieces with them! One that we love is making a huge oak leaf out of all the leaves and using conquers as the stem! This can be displayed on a wall for the whole season should you preserve your leaves right

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