10 Cute Haberdashery Gift Ideas for your Significant Other

Saying I love you comes in many different forms. Each of us has our own unique way of expressing adoration for our SOs - from surprise trips away to leaving love notes on their pillows. 

We all love to say I love you and when it comes to events like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, it can be hard to find gifts year after year that are special and individual. Working your way through high street shops or trawling website after website looking for something stand out that speaks to both you and your SO can be hard which is why, (unsurprisingly) we recommend making your own!

Here are some of our ideas of cute haberdashery gifts that you can make for your significant other:

  1. Memory Jar
    This is a great tradition to either start on a big occasion such as your first Valentine’s Day together, first anniversary, first wedding anniversary etc. Write out all the good memories you’ve had in the past year (yes it can take a little while!), cut the paper per quote, fold it up and put in a personalised jar. You can decorate the jar however you want and then replace the memories inside every year

  2. Photo Frame
    Making your own photo frame for yours or their favourite photo is a truly romantic gift that will stand the test of time. You can choose whatever material you want for your frame: wood, metal, fabric coated… Whatever makes you tick is what you should put on your handmade photo frame. You don’t even have to craft it from scratch - buying a plain frame and doing it up is totally not cheating!

  3. Book Mark
    If your SO is a book lover, making them a personalised bookmark that they’ll see everyday is a romantic and very practical gift! Again, use any materials you wish (just nothing too bulky!) to create the bookmark of dreams. If you want to be really clever with it, tailor your bookmark to a book you know they’re about to read or have just started and make it themed! 

  4. DIY Gift Basket
    Gift baskets are always adorable and go down a treat with couples, but why not go one step further and hand make everything in your basket? There are so many options here - from a handmade card, to a tea towel, cushion cover, hand painted mug, loads of their favourite food, flowers, wine with a handcrafted label, a photo album, a handmade coin purse… The list could go on and on! 

  5. Personalised Bunting
    Always a favourite of ours! We recommend using our patchwork squares to craft the basic of your bunting with, before sewing on either the letters of their name, a special word for you both, both of your names - or the name of a location that’s close to your heart (even: Home). There is so much you could do with this bunting, from using it to announce a surprise party, propose, just tell them how much you love them or wish them a happy birthday!

  6. Chocolate Bouquet
    Some people prefer chocolate flowers to conventional flowers, it’s a fact! Show the one you love how well you know them by crafting a chocolate bouquet made up with their favourite chocolate/chocolates on sticks. You can wrap them in your own styled paper that will keep them together until they’ve all been eaten

  7. Homemade Coasters
    Great, but especially great for the tea lover in your life. There are several possible ways that you can create your coasters - out of botanical wood slices, decorate the inside of a Mason jar lid and use that, felt, painted cork-board, ceramic tiles, paint clay coasters, crochet… There are so many different ways to create your homemade coasters and decorate them too!

  8. Personalised Jumper
    Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a personalised jumper! Whether you want to make it a novelty jumper and knit/sew something ridiculous onto it, or create a subtle nod to them such as small embroidered initials. If you know their style really well, you could create their new favourite piece by picking their favourite colour, favourite material and accessories. Why not add some buttons or brightly coloured lining?

  9. Embroidery Message
    Embroidery is making a comeback in the haberdashery world! Once associated with the bored, oppressed housewives of the Victorian era, personalised embroidery has come back with a vengeance! Personalised embroidery shows a level of impressive skill, dedication, time and effort which is what makes it such a special gift to receive. You can make a serious one, a jokey one, a funny one, one with an animal on it, one with just words or a combination! We’ve had some awesome client embroidery projects sent to us which have been awesome - get sewing!

    (photo by @threadfriends)

  10. Decorated Plant Pot
    Bringing nature into a gift is always a good idea - even better when accompanied by your own personalised plant pot! With the rise of bringing the outdoors in trend, we’re seeing more and more plants inside the home (which is great!). This means that you can create a super decorated plant pot that doesn’t have to be weather resistant, giving so many options! Paint it, carve it, cover it in fashion fabric, give it a face, glue shells all over it, dip it in glitter - or do all do all of the above!

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