7mm Macramé Natural Cord – 50m & 100m Rolls

7mm natural macramé cord

7mm Macramé Natural Cord – 50m & 100m Rolls

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7mm Macramé Natural Cord – 50m & 100m Rolls

  • Natural colour macramé cord.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Available in rolls of 2 lengths – 7mm x 50 metres (0.5kg) & 7mm x 100 metres (1kg roll).
  • Made in the UK by Trimits.
  • Hand wash only.

Natural macramé cord is an absolute classic and essential yarn for macramé crafts. Available in different widths to suit your project requirements, macramé cord is the specialist yarn to use for macramé crafts. Easy to work with, durable & with a lovely soft feel, macramé cord will ensure your projects work well and look spectacular.

This 7mm macramé cord is ideal for larger scale pieces of macramé crafts, such as wall hangings, cushion covers and bags. Wondering what width cord you need for your project? Head over to our 'beginner's guide to macramé' blog post where we'll help you choose the correct yarn for your piece. Our macramé collection includes a full spectrum of macramé cords, in a wide range of widths as well as colours. We also stock a great selection of macramé accessories too, such as rings, beads and dowel to complement and finish your macramé project.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Macramé?

Macramé is a craft using creative knotting techniques to produce decorative textiles, homewares and accessories. Macramé usually uses specialist macramé cord (also known as macramé rope or yarn), which is soft to the touch, ties and knots well with a strong, durable hold. Macramé crafters often incorporate accessories such as macramé rings, beads and dowels into their pieces. There are a wide range of well known types of knots to learn when starting out with macramé, and as your experience develops you can move onto more elaborate and creative knotting techniques.

When Was Macramé Invented?

Macramé might seem like a fairly modern craft, due to its strong associations with the 1970s hippie movement. However, the origins of macramé can be traced as far back as Babylonian times, with evidence of decorative knot tying being used to adorn costumes. This practice became more established during the 13th century when Arabian weavers began using decorative knots and fringes on towels, shawls and other textiles. In the UK, the practice of macramé has flourished during different eras, thanks to trends and interest in crafting. Its popularity soared in the late 1800s and then again in the 1970s. Recently, a renewed interest in crafting along with a revival of bohemian styles, has brought macramé back into favour once more. Find out more about the fascination history of macramé in our 'beginner's guide to macramé' blog post.

Is Macramé Easy To Learn?

Absolutely it is! Macramé is a very accessible craft for all ages and abilities. It is a great craft for beginners as you can learn and experiment at your own pace, starting with quick & simple knotting projects, such as coasters or key fobs before moving on to more elaborate projects if you wish. Also, macramé is a very affordable, you just need the correct width of cord for your project, along with some inexpensive tools (which you may already have!) to get going on your first project. Fancy trying your first macramé project? Head over to our 'beginner's guide to macramé' to plan your first project and browse our range of macramé cords to get you started!

What Do I Need To Do Macramé?

The most important thing will be choosing the correct width of macramé cord to suit your project. Here's a quick guide to help you –

  • 1.5 – 3mm cord: Small scale & more delicate designs such as jewellery, coasters, Christmas tree decorations and purses.
  • 3 – 5mm cord: Medium size projects such as planters, small wall hangings and shopping bags.
  • 4 – 7mm cord: Large scale pieces like bigger wall hangings and backdrops.

We recommend you secure your macramé project to a macramé board as you work to keep it neat and tidy, using some T pins. A good sharp pair of scissors are essential for trimming macramé fringes and cords, as well as a tape measure to accurately measure your cord.

When Will I Receive My Order Of 7mm Macramé Cord?

We aim to despatch all orders on the same day and we will ship your order via Royal Mail 24, ensuring a speedy and secure delivery. 

Have a question for us? We'll be happy to help! You can contact us by asking a question below, calling our landline or chatting to us on the live chat service on our website.

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