Homemade Gift Ideas for the Special Women in your life

Playing host to both International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, March is a month for celebrating women. 

This year, particularly on social media, we’ve been seeing influxes of appreciation posts for the women nearest and dearest to us. The love and support shown to our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, teachers and colleagues has been huge this March and with these events falling so close together, it's had us thinking about some new and unique ways to show our appreciation for the special women in our lives. 

We’ve brainstormed some homemade gift ideas that you can do whenever - you don’t always need a special occasion to show the women in your life what they mean to you. So without further ado...

Hand Painted Vase (with flowers in of course!)
Off the back of Mother’s Day, we’re all aware how of much flowers can brighten not only a room, but someone’s day too. Make your bunch of beautiful flowers even more special by hand painting your own vase to put them in too! There are glass paints kits you can get specifically for glass painting (if you want to ensure your design won’t be washed away!), otherwise, acrylic should be fine. We suggest finding a pattern or theme that the receiver really loves and adorning a plain vase in it. 


A Laptop Case
Perfect for those who use their laptop a lot when they travel (or are just particularly precious about their laptop!), why not make them a personalised laptop case that they’re proud to show off? Consider where your recipient will use it and create a beautiful case out of a material of your choice. We suggest making a fabric one and use a zip or button to close it up with - just be sure to pad out the inside properly to make sure the laptop is protected, as well as jazzed up! 

Handmade Dress
This is a fantastic opportunity to create a garment so perfectly tailored to your recipient that they’ll want to keep it forever. This might not be a surprise handmade gift, as you will have to get their measurements but it’s a fantastic gift either way. Check out our how to make a dress guide to teach you step by step how to create a dress of your style and material choice. We’re seen some truly beautiful dresses made with our fashion fabrics and patchwork squares so be sure to send us in your pictures for us to see!


Personalised Embroidery
A fairly new passion of ours is embroidery. There are endless possibilities of what you can create on your embroidery; from a little message to a picture of their favourite animal, plant, band logo, food… The list is endless! We have a beautiful selection of embroidery threads to pick from to craft your perfect personalised embroidery project from.

Whether it’s for a special occasion, or just to do something nice for someone you love, creating a scrapbook is one of the most personal and unique handmade gifts you could possibly create. You can build a timeline, pick a random selection of photos or create art around a particular time in their life. Gather photos and small items before decorating the pages in glitter, buttons and ribbons to craft a beautiful handmade scrapbook that she’ll treasure forever.


A Jar Full of her Favourite Things
If you know her well, this will be super easy! Use an empty (clean) jar, decorate it with paint and glitter before filling it with all her favourite things. Try chocolate bars, photos, a bit of make-up, notes, jewellery, some jokey items, pens etc.. Whatever little bits and bobs you think she might find useful and enjoy receiving!


Hand Painted Tea Pot
Perfect for tea lovers, we recommended buying a plain teapot and decorating it how you like! For the more artistically inclined, go for broke and paint the whole thing in a beautiful design that you know she’ll love. Equally as nice, is to write a nice message or quote on it that will mean something to her, make her laugh or remind her of you. However you decide to decorate her teapot, be sure to make it timeless and personal so that she’ll want to continue using it for years and years - just remember to varnish it after!

Cocktail Accessories
A great, fun idea for someone who likes to let their hair down, are cocktail accessories! From decorating your own glasses, to making umbrellas, mixers, glass tags, accompanying games, flavoured ice cubes, hand decorated glasses… Bring even more fun to the party with a host of cocktail accessories!


A Pamper Pot
A great way to spoil someone who really deserves it, is to make them a pamper pot. The aim of this to give someone a little something to remind them to have their down time; to relax. The actual pot can be as big or small as you would like it to be and the size will depend on what you put in - we suggest bath bombs, motivational notes, nail files, nail varnish, perfume, face mask, candles, a little bottle of something bubbly, a book… Whatever they need for a pamper session, get them it!

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